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Time’s Yours Podcast: WWE Talk With Ange Goldstein



One of my favorite guests, former WWE Creative Team member Ange Goldstein joins me as we talk the evolution of the heel vs. face narrative, Wrestlemania in Philly, and blue crates of porn.

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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Sam Hinkie, World Champion

Matt Mac is on vacation. MATT MAC IS ON VACATION!!!


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Time’s Yours Podcast: Tommy Dreamer And John Morrison Talk Wrestling And House Of Hardcore


There is going to be some true hardcore in Philadelphia this weekend.

Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore #2 is in town, and he showed up to talk about the big show. He brought John Morrison along with him.

We talked the current state of wrestling, the House Of Hardcore show, Mark Henry’s dirty pictures on his phone, concussions and more.

You can get tickets to the show by going to House Of Hardcore. It’ll be a great show with a great bill, with appearances from Ric Flair, the Steiner Brothers and Terry Funk.

The show is 7:30pm on Saturday, June 22nd. It starts at 7:30, and Meet and Greet starts at 5pm. It’s at National Guard Armory, 2700 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154. Parking is free!

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Buy This Sweet Mick Foley T-Shirt So We Can Make This Santa Claus Movie


You may remember over a year ago I told you about I Am Santa Claus.

This is a movie that I was helping out my good friend and producer/director Tommy Avallone with.

FoleySantaBothIt is a documentary about the men who play Santa Claus, and what these men are like during the non-holiday season months. As it turns out, the movie is going to be really good. Like, really good. Found a bunch of interesting Santa Claus(es), with very interesting stories.

One of those guys is a fella named, I dunno, MICK FOLEY. Whose long-time obsession with Christmas and Santa led him to bleach his hair, grow a beard, and become Santa. Mick liked the idea so much that he’s now a producer on the film.

To help with the costs of finishing the movie, there is now this SWEET t-shirt that you can buy for only one week. It also comes with an personalized autograph from Mr Mick Foley himself.

You can buy the t-shirt RIGHT HERE AT THIS LOCATION.


You can watch Mick talk about the t-shirt and the film below.

We also tweet awesome photos from the movie @IAmSantaMovie.

And you can like the movie on Facebook.


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Conroy: WFE Pay Per View: Blood-Thirsty Thursday

Michael Conroy is a freelance sportswriter and Flyers fan, and a guest writer for Spike Eskin Dot Com. You can find him on Twitter @MichaelConroyPM.

This week, in the WFE (World Football Entertainment), it’s hard to focus on anything besides the Blood-Thirsty Thursday Pay-Per-View main event. While XSF (Extreme Sunday Football) has some interesting storylines and a main event of it’s own, we all know the attention will be on Cleveland’s title match with Baltimore.

By now, you’re well aware of the controversial manner in which the Ravens defeated the Patriots this past Sunday night. In a shocking turn of events, Johnny “Sugar Lips” Harbaugh was able to hold the referee’s attention just long enough for Joe Flacco to illegally take a steel chair to the back of the Patriots’ secondary. Harbaugh was eventually penalized for the act but the damage had been done.

Flacco was able to pin the Patriots for the full count and swiftly made his escape, the AFC Heavyweight Championship belt in his grasp. Just when you thought the chaos had come to an end, that all too familiar theme song began to play. “Push it to the limit,” the crowd sang along as Bulldog Brandon Weeden, everybody’s favorite underdog rushed the ring and picked up the microphone.

He called out Baltimore on their “low-rent” tactics and challenged Flacco, right then and there, to a championship fight in this Blood-Thirsty Thursday’s main event. Joe Flacco looked shell-shocked at first, but when his boys, Big Ed and Little Ray began to heckle him, Flacco regained his patented refrigerator-like demeanor and accepted.

The fact that Bulldog talked his way into a title match with Flacco is impressive to say the least, but a daunting task awaits him. Not only does the Cleveland ambassador have to step into the ring with a superior wrestler-er quarterback, he’s got to do it with the likes of Big Ed and Little Ray lurking just beyond the ropes. You can bet they won’t remain spectators for long and with no crew to speak of in his corner, things could get ugly fast for Bulldog Brandon Weedon. If he’s going to have any shot at the upset, Bulldog is going to need some significant help from officiating.

The Special Referee for this match will be: Bill Belichick

To go along with the triumphant return of the “real refs” that had been locked out by the sinister Roger Goodell, Bill Belichick’s presence will add some real drama to the proceedings. Appointed by Goodell to “put Flacco in his place,” he’s got an obvious grudge against the Ravens after last week’s travesty (as was evident when he clotheslined an imposter ref after the match had ended). Don’t be surprised if Flacco finds himself on the business end of a Kendo stick.

Though we’ve seen some wild things happen over the past few weeks, I’ve got to say that I can’t see any way the Bulldog pulls this one out. It’s the WFE, though, so anything is possible. Tune in this Thursday for this unlikely main event that’s sure to deliver some compelling drama.

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Get @SpikeEskin On A Smackdown Sign, Get Your Own Eulogy

WWE is filming Smackdown tonight at the Wells Fargo Center (go if you want).



Here’s the deal, I want my Twitter handle on TV, along with whatever else you think is clever.

If you’re going tonight, and you get a sign on Friday’s broadcast with my Twitter handle on it (and whatever else you want), I will write a post here on Spike Eskin dot com praising you and your awesomeness. 500 words, all about you. Crafted from my fingers.

It’s almost as if I’m giving your eulogy, but you don’t have to die.

Here are the rules:

I’ll give it to five people max (tiebreaker is sign awesomeness).

Has to have @SpikeEskin and whatever else you want.

Bonus points for Daniel Bryan, Prime Time Players, Damien Sandow or Ryback references.

It’s worth a try.

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Who Gets The Vaccine?

Imagine, there’s a flesh-eating virus. Even worse, imagine there’s a virus that turns people into the “infected,” like in 28 Days Later. Also imagine, there’s limited vaccine supply. Who gets it?

Read the full story

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