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Lebron James Doesn’t Know How To Tie A Tie

So Andre Iguodala (@MindOfAI9) is on the USA Basketball Olympic team, and has been tweeting pictures.

Today, he tweeted one of him getting dressed for the opening ceremonies.

However, someone in the background (can’t figure out which player) is being shown how to tie a tie.


UPDATE 2: My girlfriend has suggested to me the possibility that Lebron is showing the other guy how to tie a tie. I don’t buy it. Why would the other guy need to at that very second? Plus, Lebron is looking at the other guy, the other guy is not looking at Lebron.

I’m not hating, but it’s hilarious. In the future, know that the best way to show someone how to do this is for both of you to be looking into the mirror.

PS: Good luck Dre.

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