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Time’s Yours Podcast: Avant, Bryzgalov, Jimmy Rollins And The Bandwagon

Two sports radio stations, an endless number of blogs (THIS ONE!), Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, local TV sports, there is a lot of space to fill in the sports landscape today.

So much that maybe we’re filling it with things that don’t really matter.

That’s what Pat Gallen and I talk about today.

Is Jason Avant’s “bandwagon,” comment one of them? What about the Ilya Bryzgalov media ban?

We combine that with a Inception (the movie), J-Roll, Ryan Howard and Andre Iguodala on Twitter and what the Phillies should do with their money during the offseason.

Follow Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, read him on Phillies Nation, and listen to him (after you’re done listening to this of course) on 97.3 ESPN.

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The 8====D Week In Sports: Shane, Ronnie and The NBA

I will let it be known that Lee Russakoff convinced me that I should do this every week. The question became; is it better to be known for something stupid, or not known at all? I think this pretty much shows what I think the answer to that question is.


Finding out Ronnie Brown got traded: 8======================D

Finding out we had to take him back: 8=D

(it seems inappropriate to include Jerome Harrison in this rating system, so I’ll just say that the trade being voided was clearly for the best and I wish him a speedy, successful recovery)

The Sixers new owners press conference: 8=====D

The Sixers lowering ticket prices: 8=====D

The Sixers new owners press conference sound system: 8==D

The fact that there are no games to buy tickets for anyway: 8=D

The owners and players having extensive meetings to end the lockout: 8===D

The owners and players mind blowingly stupid decision to end the talks: 8=D

The Flyers game against Ottawa: 8==========D

The Flyers game against the Kings: 8==D

The Flyers game against the Capitals: 8=D

The NBA lockout forcing me to pay more attention to the NHL: 8=D

The Eagles beating the Redskins: 8====D

The fact that the Eagles are 2-4 after that win: 8=D

The Eagles assertion that “dirt in his eye” made Michael Vick lie on the ground twitching: 8=D

Philadelphia Union making the MLS playoffs: 8=========D

Philadelphia Union inking a deal with WIP to air games: 8======D

Philadelphia Union’s game against the Red Bulls: 8=D

The Shane Victorino vs. mean fans vs. Crossing Broad vs. everyone else Twitter Discussion: 8==D (at least it gave us something to talk about)

The World Series going on without the Phillies: 8=D

Your truly,

Spike 8====D

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NBA Owners And Players Want Guarantees In A World Without Them

You're both crazy, Spencer

In the current labor dispute in the NBA, the owners are trying to create a system that allows teams to be profitable, regardless of their market or how they’re run. Players want to continue to have guaranteed contracts, regardless of how they perform. And you wonder why they can’t come to an agreement.

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Photoshop Fun: What If Asante Samuel Really Was The President?

Asante’s Twitter handle is @thepresidentcb. Matt Mac found out what he’d look like if he really was the President.

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The Degenerate Week 4: Groundhogs Day – Eagles vs. 49ers Preview and More…

So, Mike Vick is hurting and he might not play. Or maybe he will. We don’t know yet. Hey where have I heard that one before?
Read the full story

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The I’m The Singer And I Play Bass Too Mixtape on Spotify

I had a little bit of writer’s block this week when it came to Spotify playlists. So I asked Twitter followers to help me out with some ideas.

I got a bunch of great ones, and decided to do this one first, which was suggested by Matt P. from The 700 Level. You can follow him on Twitter @mattp700level.

All of these songs feature a bass player who also handles lead vocals.

Click right here to listen to the I’m The Singer And I Play Bass Mixtape on Spotify.

Follow me on Twitter @spikeeskin.

If you need a Spotify invite, send me a note at spike.eskin@gmail.com.

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The Degenerate: Eagles vs. Giants Preview and More

Once again, it’s on.

Every Thursday I’ll highlight a few games that stick out. This week I’m focusing on the Eagles game Read the full story

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The Pro Athlete Twitter Handbook

If you’re a fan of any of the pro sports, Twitter has become a neat way to kind of have a direct connection to the athletes.

But wait, there’s more!

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