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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Sixers Mid-Season Awards And Joel-Hans Embiid

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It’s been a couple of weeks. We’re sorry! We’re back!

This episode features a quick wrap-up in the week(s) in Sixers, mid-season awards, and a celebration and discussion of Mr. Joel Embiid.

Rights To Ricky Sanchez Night at The Sixers ticket sales went so well that the Sixers asked if we could keep it open until the game. Who am I to say no? If Ricky listeners want to come chant with us, let’s do it. So ticket sales will be open until the game, which is 2/26/16 against the Wizards. Tickets are $23, and everyone is registered to play basketball on the court on another date. We’re over 250 people so far. We could really make this thing weird, so let’s do it.

Buy tickets for Ricky Night at sixers.com/promo and use code RTRS.

The official shirt from our friends at Cheesesteaktees is amazing and available NOW. You must order by 2/19 to assure delivery by 2/26. Wear it to the game. The $19 includes shipping. Click the link below.


The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast is always brought to you by the amazing LL Pavorsky Jewelers. And of course, LL is your guy for Valentine’s Day. He’s offering free shipping for Ricky listeners only for his Valentine’s Day specials!
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LL offers the Forever Rose which is made from a fresh rose carefully selected and then lacquered in beautiful colors and 24k yellow gold to enhance and preserve its beauty. Available in Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White Diamond and exclusive multi-color opal.

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LL Pavorsky is located at 707 Walnut St. in Philadelphia, online at LLPavorsky.com, on the phone at 215-627-2252 or just hit Lee up on Twitter @LLPavorsky. Tell him you’re a Truster, he’s one of us. For every show, Lee makes a generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley and RAINN.

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