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10 Most Expensive Philly Summer Concerts


One of the things I lost sight of while I was working in music radio is just how expensive concert tickets are. I went to a lot of shows for free, and because I went to so many shows for free, I didn’t feel like going to too many others, and I lost sight of the cost.

Not so much anymore.

My friends over at TiqIQ put together this list of the most expensive concerts (as far as secondary market goes) in Philadelphia this summer. I decided to take a crack at whether or not they’re worth it.

You can buy the tickets over at TiqIQ. What they do is aggregate all of the ticket resellers in one place, and show you what the cost of the tickets will be like with all of the pesky little fees. It’s like Kayak but for tickets.

Please remember you can always park for less money at these shows by using my friends who run the JETRO lot.

#10 – Kenny Chesney

NO WAY JOSE. Look man, I know lots of people will tell you that it’s not country music. That the vibe at the show is a lot of fun, and people are drinking and sitting out in the sun and it’s almost like a rock concert. I got news for you, IT’S COUNTRY MUSIC. Want to sit out in the sun and drink? Go to the beach.

#9 Black Sabbath

I’m torn here. On one hand, it’s Black Sabbath, the most legendary, influential metal band ever. On the other hand, their best days are probably behind them. I say YES if you fit into one of two categories: 1) you’ve never seen Black Sabbath and you like rock/metal or 2) you love Black Sabbath. You don’t want them to stop touring having never seen them.

#8 Taylor Swift

Yes, absolutely go to Taylor Swift. I only know one or two of her songs, but this seems like a spectacle and I’m all for spectacles. At the very least just find some little kids to stand in front of.

#7 Made In America

Are you above 30? Then no, don’t go to this concert. I’m so over festival concerts. Waiting around for hours in the heat for the bands you want to see, not having a seat, so on, so on, so on… Are you under 30? Sure. Because you’re probably going to be out causing trouble anyway as kids tend to do, and at least I’ll know where not to go.

#6 Bruno Mars

Yes, absolutely go to Bruno Mars. Look, his songs are awesome, and there will be a really low BRO quotient at this show. It’s sort of pricey, which is kept me away, but if you’re only going to one or two shows this summer Bruno Mars is worth it.

#5 Justin Bieber

Nah, teach this kid a lesson. I’m not a Bieber hater, but kid’s got a little out of control. Maybe if parents stop showing up at the concerts with their kids, he’ll stop showing up late on stage.

#4 Beyonce

Face it, if you go to this concert, you’re just going to be waiting around to see if Jay-Z shows up and does a song with her. And even if he does, will the $400 be worth it to see Jay-Z do one song with Beyonce? No, it won’t.

#3 The Eagles

Hell would have to freeze over before I’d pay this to see The Eagles. HAHAHA GET IT?! No?

#2 OneDirection

SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS?! Look I like these guys as much as the next fella (maybe more), but anyone who spends $700 to see them needs their head examined. Note to the “water for a dollar” guys: sell it for ten dollars at the OneDirection show.

#1 Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones haven’t been that good live for a very long time, maybe since Voodoo Lounge. I don’t even know what to say here at $875 a ticket. On one hand, I think you should see the Stones before you die, on the other hand, I might be ok with dying with a couple extra grand for a nice casket.



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