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The 1997 Mixtape on Spotify

Good news! Spotify is open to everyone now!

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The I’m The Singer And I Play Bass Too Mixtape on Spotify

I had a little bit of writer’s block this week when it came to Spotify playlists. So I asked Twitter followers to help me out with some ideas.

I got a bunch of great ones, and decided to do this one first, which was suggested by Matt P. from The 700 Level. You can follow him on Twitter @mattp700level.

All of these songs feature a bass player who also handles lead vocals.

Click right here to listen to the I’m The Singer And I Play Bass Mixtape on Spotify.

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If you need a Spotify invite, send me a note at spike.eskin@gmail.com.

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The Best Opening Tracks Mixtape on Spotify

Since today is the very first day of the website, I decided on a Spotify mixtape of opening tracks.

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The Moody 90’s Mixtape on Spotify

This is the first mixtape I’ve put together by request.

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The RIP 2Pac Mixtape

I’m not usually big on the “tribute on the day of someone’s death” thing. If I’m going to pick a day to celebrate someone who has passed on, I just figure doing it on their birthday is less awkward.

That said, I was taking the Market St. el home tonight, and I happened to see that it was the 15th anniversary of when Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas and it struck me. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years.

Plenty of people have written more eloquently about him than I have, but he was always my favorite MC.

A lot of times, when people talk about who the greatest rapper of all time was, they talk about lyrics. They talk about flow. Neither of those things are why I liked 2Pac. His lyrics were never the most clever, and his flow was never the most smooth.

However, I always liked the music best that made me feel something. 2Pac’s music always made me feel something. When he was angry, or sad, or happy, no one was ever more angry, sad or happy. I knew what he was feeling, and even if I didn’t relate to the topic, he made me feel the same way. It wasn’t what he said, but how he said it.

Juice has always been one of my favorite movies, and that’s because of Tupac Shakur.

His catalog isn’t particularly deep, and thanks to the tons of songs that have come out after he died, there are probably far more average 2Pac songs than great ones.

In a lot of ways I think of 2Pac in the same way I think of Kurt Cobain. After all these years, I still struggle to find voices that make me feel what they do so clearly.

With that, I give you a 60 minute mixtape of my favorite 2Pac songs. Enjoy, and rest in peace, Tupac Shakur.

Listen to the Spotify RIP 2Pac Mixtape

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