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Listen: 94WIP Show June 20th, 2013

Lebron James

The second half of the show was all about Lebron James and Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

The first half of the show combines Phillies, Papelbon, the greatest starting five since Magic/Bird, and some TV talk about James Gandolfini.

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12am hour features Scott Raab of Esquire magazine. Follow him on Twitter @ScottRaab64, and check out his book Whore Of Akron.

1am hour features the great Ange Goldstein talking WWE, follow him on Twitter @AngeGold.

By the way, this deserves its own link: probably the greatest call I’ve gotten this year. Meet Calvin, the Heat Hater:

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Scott Raab Talks Lebron James and “The Whore Of Akron”

To say Scott Raab doesn’t like Lebron James would be an understatement.

This isn’t the kind of “hate” that comes along with your run of the mill sports rivalry. Not like Yankees fans hate the Red Sox. Not like Eagles fans hate the Cowboys. This is personal.

Scott Raab dislikes James with such a passion, his book about Lebron James became in large part about that passion. People have had feelings like this before, but never put them into words.

Raab is an Esquire writer and native Clevelander who over the last year and a half has become the loudest and most recognizable (written) voice of a large group of people who have turned on James and never looked back. A seed that was planted during the 2010 NBA Playoffs when James “quit” during a series against the Celtics, and then grew to full bloom with The Decision and the dominos that fell because of it.

Raab’s Lebronfrontations (I made that word up, cool right?) have been well documented. He’s that guy whose press credential was revoked by the Miami Heat because of his comments about James, and the nickname he assigned to him; Whore Of Akron. A book title was born.

The Whore Of Akron is the story of James through Raab’s eyes. Raab describes it as the “search for the soul of Lebron James.” He says he never found it. If you’ve ever wondered why Cavs fans are so bitter and angry, you can be assured it’ll be well documented in the book. You may not agree, but at least you’ll understand.

I spoke to Raab about the book and James. I met Scott by blasting him on Twitter becaue he was blasting Lebron. It was a conversation I needed to have. Take a listen.

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The Whore Of Akron is available on November 15th from Harper publishing.

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