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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Sixers Schedule Breakdown & Bone Grafts

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We break down the Sixers schedule, game by game, Joel Embiid will finally have surgery, discuss Sean O’Connor’s Liberty Ballers Sixers Trade Value series, make up possible trades to kill the time until October, and take some Twitter questions.

By the way, the Ricky isn’t going anywhere. We promise.

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If It’s Free, It’s For Me: 2012 Phillies Promotions and Giveaways Breakdown

Free stuff is awesome.

When they used to have Big 5 basketball doubleheaders on Saturdays at the Palestra I went a few times and it was something I’ll never forget. The whole crowd always threw streamers after the first basket (which took like 15 minutes to clean up) and the kids in attendance were allowed on the court at halftime and between games to shoot foul shots.

My Harry and Whitey bobblehead is my most prized possession.

I remember one doubleheader I went to, back in 1981 or 82, had a ski cap giveaway for kids. The sponsor was Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks. They gave out this dark green and yellow ski hat with a pom-pom. On the side of the hat, knitted in, it said “Mrs Paul’s Pals”*. I wore it religiously, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Yes, it was hideous looking, but I didn’t care. When you give a kid free stuff they will cherish it forever, especially if it’s something unique that their friends will never get. That’s what draws us to the giveaway games. Free stuff, cool stuff, unique stuff.

*Mrs. Paul’s Pals were an AAU-type all-star team made up of Philadelphia high school and college hoops players back in the 70’s and early 80’s. They dominated the circuit (at least according to the little research I did). Why they sponsored a Big 5 doubleheader, I’ll never know.

Anyway, enough reminiscing and let’s get on with the show…

The Phillies have released their promotions and giveaways schedule for the 2012 season. It includes the standard Mother’s Day and Father’s Day giveaways, the dollar dog nights, the ‘Celebration Nights’ for various ethnic and social groups and some free stuff for the youngsters and the young-at-heart (LOL). But which ones are worth your money? Here at SpikeEskin.com we broke down the schedule for you…

Top 10 Promotions/Giveaways for 2012


The Doc bobblehead was a huge hit in 2010

1) Hunter Pence Bobble Figurine – All Fans (Tuesday, August 21 – 7:05pm vs. Reds)

The bobblehead giveaways are always a fan favorite, so this was an easy choice. But let’s be honest by now you already have bobbleheads of everyone. Chase, Howard, Halladay, J-Roll, Shane (that hula thing they gave away a few years ago), but here is one that no one has yet. Hunter Pence. It’s a Tuesday night in August vs. the Reds, this will help pack the house on a hot and muggy summer night.

Average Ticket Price (via TiqIQ): $127 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating (out of 5): 

2) W.B. Mason Collectible Truck – Children 14 and under (Sunday, May 20 – 1:35pm vs. Red Sox)

Let’s see… a collectible truck for the kids (this thing looks pretty solid), Sunday afternoon in late May, the Red Sox. Yeah, you’re gonna be paying out the nose to get into this game.

Average Ticket Price: $169 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

3) Toyota Cliff Lee Bobble Figurine – All fans (Monday, June 4 – 7:05pm vs. Dodgers)

Cliff Lee bobblehead. Enough said. This was supposed to happen back in 2010, the Phillies even had it marked on the schedule and everything. But then we traded Cliff to Seattle, we got Doc from Toronto and all of the sudden “Cliff Lee Bobblehead Night” became “Roy Halladay Bobblehead night”. I was there (in the cold wind and rain), and today that Doc bobblehead sits proudly on my shelf. Now I can get him a partner.

Average Ticket Price: $101 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating:

4) ShopRite Jimmy Rollins Back to School Cooler Bag – Children 14 and under (Sunday, Aug 26 – 1:35pm vs. Nationals)

‘Back to School’ Cooler Bag’? Yeah right, more like ‘6-pack for the Tailgate’ Cooler Bag. I’ll be filling up this bad boy with cans of Yuengling when I go to the World Series parade in November.

Average Ticket Price: $101 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 


5) Mama Lucia Meatballs Ladies Night / Women’s Phillies Print – Women 15 and older (Saturday, June 23 – 4:05pm vs. Rays)

Ladies? Meatballs? I’m sold. I assume a ‘Women’s Phillies Print’ is a t-shirt. So the ladies will get a Phillies t-shirt with a big Mama Lucia Meatballs logo. Meatballs!

Average Ticket Price: $114 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

6) TOTAL Cole Hamels Action Figurine – Children 14 and under (Sunday, September 23 – Time TBA vs. Braves)

A Coal Hammels doll? We can all make the easy jokes (“does it come with a purse dog”, “will it come with a metrosexual change of clothes”) but this will probably be a pretty cool giveaway.

Grown men are allowed to collect bobbleheads, but ‘action figurines’? Not sure about that. The Chase Utley figurine from 2010 was pretty nice. I expect the same here.

Average Ticket Price: $113 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

7) IBEW Local 98 Jonathan Papelbon T-Shirt – Children 14 and under (Sunday, June 24 – 1:35pm vs. Rays)

Johnny Doc and the Electricians Union never disappoint. The IBEW has a t-shirt giveaway every season, and this year they get the big prize with the Papelbon shirsey.

My only beef with this is that by late June everyone will already have their Papelbon shirts, this should have been held earlier, before everyone stocked up on new gear for the season.

Average Ticket Price: $109 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

8 ) PECO Roy Halladay Fathead Jr. – Children 14 and under (Sunday, July 22 – 1:35pm vs. Giants)

Wolf Mask? The Phils have been stealing fans ideas since 2001.

FatHead Jr’s aren’t as big as the wall size full Fatheads but they are still a decent size. This thing will probably be around 3 feet high (and rising). Not bad. Hopefully, it’s Doc in the middle of his pitching motion.

This will be a nice addition to a basement, bedroom or bar. This is for kids 14 and under, but I think anyone could use it to spruce up a room. Not much resale value though, you can get official Halladay Fatheads right now on the internet.

Average Ticket Price: $107 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

9) Teva Respiratory Asthma Awareness Night / Phillies Liberty Bell Cap – All fans (Monday, May 14 – 7:05pm vs. Astros)

This cap looks sweet. Dark blue with a Liberty Bell on the front (like the Liberty Bell out in center field at the stadium). The only problem with these hat giveaways are the logos of the sponsor. I know that they pay good money to put on the promotion and they need to get their logo on it. I have a Teva cap from a few years ago. The cap is nice but the logo takes up alot of space on the back.

Oh, and you get a free asthma screening at the game, which is nice. But it’s against the Astros, which is not nice.

Average Ticket Price: $74 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

10) Cabrini College Knit Hat – Fans 15 and older (Friday, September 7 – 7:05pm vs. Rockies)

Cabrini has sponsored the knit hat giveaway a few other times and the hats are always pretty decent looking. Like the Teva hat at #9, the logo does jump out at you but not as much. I like these hats, I’ll plan to go to this game and get one for myself.

Average Ticket Price: $93 (buy tickets)
eBay resell rating: 

Some other promotions to consider…

The Hatfield Franks Dollar Dog Nights

Everyone loves dollar dog nights, they have quickly become a Phillies tradition even though they have only been around for about 5 years.

If you really think about it, the dogs are over-cooked and the buns are soggy, but we’ll still throw back 3 or maybe 4. Why? Because they’re only a buck, that’s why! People see that hot dog guy in the concourse and they throw dollar bills at him like they were at Oasis.

Not all giveaways are winners. 'Phanatic on an ATV' T-shirt?

Like usual the dollar dog games are weeknight games. I guess you gotta give people a reason to come to the park on a Monday in April when the Cubs are in town. And hey, it’s nice to see the Phillies are observing the 9/11 anniversary with a hot dog promotion.

Out of the five Dollar Dog games I would think the two against the Marlins would be the best ones to go to if you want to watch decent baseball. But we all know that you’re only going for the cheap tube steaks.

The ‘Celebration’ and ‘Heritage’ nights

One thing jumped out at me with this ‘Heritage night’ schedule… the Phillies couldn’t switch Jewish Heritage night and Italian Heritage night? They couldn’t set it up so Ryan ‘chain of custody’ Braun would be in town on Jewish Heritage Night? Braun is the most famous and most successful Jewish baseball player since Sandy Koufax. You dropped the ball on this one Ruben.

Asian Pacific Celebration – Tuesday, May 8 – 7:05pm vs. Mets (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: Hula Dancer

Phanatic as Rocky Balboa? Of course.

Irish Heritage Night – Tuesday, June 19 – 7:05pm vs. Rockies (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: Leprechaun.

Sound of Philadelphia Celebration – Friday, June 22 – 7:05pm vs. Rays (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: 70’s disco outfit

Italian Heritage Celebration – Monday, July 23 – 7:05pm vs. Brewers (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: Rocky Balboa.

Jewish Heritage Celebration – Tuesday, Aug 7 – 7:05pm vs. Braves (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: Rabbi

German Heritage Celebration – Saturday, Sep 22 – Time TBA vs. Braves (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: Lederhosen

Goya Latino Family Celebration and Food Drive – Tue, Sep 25 – 7:05pm vs. Nationals (buy tickets)
Potential Phanatic Stereotype Costume: I have no idea.


Yup, I own this.

There you have it, the Phillies promotion schedule in a nutshell. I’ll see you all at the bobblehead games, probably the Cabrini hat night and maybe even Irish Heritage night, I’ll be one of the 5000 pasty white guys wearing a jeff cap and an Utley Shamrock shirsey.

And while doing research for this post I found out that a Phillies ski cap I have, that I thought I got in the 80’s, is actually a stadium giveaway from 1975. I assume someone in my family got it at the game and somehow over the years I ended up owning it. It’s in great shape, the pom-pom is still in perfect condition. This turned into my own personal episode of Antiques Roadshow.

Go Phils!

P.S. – Thanks to PhilliesSGA.com for some of the images used in this post. He has a great site with a breakdown of the Phillies’ giveaways going back to 1975. Check it out.






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Downloadable SpikeEskin.Com Sixers Schedule #FreeBoosie

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