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Lead Singer Of Three Days Grace Quits Just To Prove He Exists


“OMG, the Three Days Grace singer quit the band.”

That was the super-sarcastic text message I received today.

I was mostly shocked because I didn’t think anyone else in Three Days Grace existed aside from the singer with the mohawk. Then I was surprised that Three Days Grace was still sort of a thing.

Honestly I always sort of liked Three Days Grace songs. But this is pretty hilarious.

Then I was thriled to find out that the band replaced the singer with a fella from Matt Walst, who sings in the aptly named band “My Darkest Days.” It’s aptly named because, come on, My Darkest Days.

Then the band went and posted a bunch of recordings of old Three Days Grace songs with their new singer, I guess proving that if you go to see Three Days Grace, most likely on a bill with Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, and 13 other bands who can all draw 100 people, none of which you could actually identify if you passed them on the street, you will hear their hits sound exactly the same. They will tour with their new singer in two weeks.

To show how ridiculous rock radio eventually became, I was once asked by a program director to put a new Three Days Grace song into our weekly research study. We had never played the song, and it had never been played in the market. It came in first out of thirty songs. This is a seven second clip of a song no one has ever heard. We played it 40 times the next week. And we wonder what happened to radio.


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