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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Roy Halladay Celebrates Groundhog Day

Don’t drive angry.

Care of @_mattmac.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Farewell Brad Lidge

Even though it was over three years ago, Brad Lidge’s 2008 season is exactly how we remember him. That picture just moments after the final out of the World Series sits in pretty exclusive company in Philadelphia sports history.

Lidge signed a contract with the Nationals, which gives us a good chance to look back on his career in Philadelphia, and that season. Pat Gallen asks the question, “is his 2008 season the most important individual season in Philly sports history?” It’s a tough choice, but Lidge’s campaign sits higher on that list than you may think.

We also do a Philly Sports Fantasy Draft, in honor of the NHL All-Star draft. We get five picks each, from any Philly team we want, to fill our teams.

Finally, we introduce the first installment of “three questions.”

Follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, check him out on Phillies Nation, and on 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey.

Follow Spike on Twitter @spikeeskin, check him out on CBS Philly, and on 94 WIP in Philadelphia.

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Listen To My First Show On 94 WIP







I won’t usually post these, but I figured this one was monumental. For me at least.

1opm hour (featuring Malik Rose)

11pm hour

Midnight hour

1am hour

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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Roy Halladay Won’t Stop Training

A picture surfaced yesterday of Roy Halladay standing in Citizen’s Bank Park, in shorts, throwing the ball around while they set up for the Winter Classic.

I immediately went to Photoshop, and did the only thing i know how to do, paste one picture on top of the other. I came up with Halladay pitching during an actual Flyers game.

Matt Mac (@_mattmac on Twitter) was not impressed. He came up with some incredible images of Roy Halladay training in … odd places. If you’ve done any of your own, be sure to submit them to Crossing Broad, as Kyle is posting them on his site.

Halladay Finally Breaks For Lunch

All Work And No Play Makes Roy ... Awesome

Forget Waiting For Penn Dot, Roy Wore His Snow Cleats

JFK, Joe DiMaggio, and Roy

For An Extra $50 You Can Swim With Roy

Roy Needs No Protective Gear

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Willis, Rollins, the Sixers & NBA Fantasy League

On Time’s Yours today, Pat Gallen and I discussed the following:

* the Dontrelle Willis signing and the “it factor” that Willis has.

* the Phillies and Jimmy Rollins, and how they ended up here.

* what the Chris Paul situation has done positively and negatively for the NBA.

* the Sixers break camp, and will go with Meeks over Turner as a starter.

* the official spikeeskin.com NBA Fantasy League, with a few celebrity members, and your chance to be a part of it. It’s in the last ten minutes of the show. You’ll need to give us three words on Twitter letting us know why you should be in the league. The hash tag you’ll need to know is #SEFantasy, and the deadline is 4pm on Sunday. We’ve got five open spots.

Follow Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, and check him out on Phillies Nation and ESPN 97.3 radio in South Jersey.

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 This is the Philvania t-shirt that Pat was talking about in the podcast, you can buy it here.

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Ruben Amaro and Ike Reese Caption Contest

Your friend and mine, Michael Barkann (@mikencuecsn) tweeted this picture earlier of Ike Reese signing an autograph for Ruben Amaro. I think a caption contest is in order. The winner gets … I don’t know, nothing. I don’t have anything. Just come up with something great. Keep it clean.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Phillies Not-So-Hot Stove And The Sixers Schedule

Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Thad

For a week without very much actual sports being played here in Philly, there sure was a lot going on.

Pat Gallen and I talk about the Phillies off-season activities, and what the Marlins signings of Jose Reyes and possibly Albert Pujols mean, as well as whether or not the Sixers schedule benefits team. We also get into what it will take to keep Thad Young.

And of course, we talk about the End Of Lockout party, which is Friday (all information is here).

You can follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and check him out on Phillies Nation and ESPN 97.3 in South Jersey.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Misery In Philly Sports

There is a dark cloud over Philadelphia sports right now. It looks a lot like the Eagles.

The misery of this season has cast quite a shadow over Philly sports as a whole, most notably our attitude toward them.

On Time’s Yours today Pat Gallen and I talk about the Eagles team and whether Andy Reid really would step down at the end of the season, the Phillies and the Papelbon signing, and maybe sneak in how much I despise the current state of professional basketball. Just maybe.

Follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and check him out on Phillies Nation and 97.3 ESPN radio.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Penn State Disaster And The Ryan Madson Contract

Boy, sports have been weird this week.

Discussing actual sports, and the Penn State situation has made for some weird segue-ways.

Today, Pat Gallen and I talked about the Penn State situation, and the massive failure at all levels. Then we had one of those awkward segues into the rumored contract that Ryan Madson is ready to sign with the Phillies and where it leaves the rest of the rest of the roster (and talk a little Yoenis Cespedes). Finally, we wound it up with some NBA labor talk and some awful comments made by NBA Union attorney Jeffrey Kessler.

Find Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and at Phillies Nation. You can also hear him on 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey.

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