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The NBA Fantasy League Week 4: Let’s Get Dealing

Oh man, my team stinks. It really stinks. Team Free Boosie ranks dead last in the entire league in rebounds, assists and steals, and second to last in blocks and points. My team is the fantasy version of the Washington Wizards. When you look at the team, it seems like it has some good pieces, but it’s a terrible combination and managed the wrong way. I need to put the guys in a better position. I’m sorry, fanatasy Chris Paul. This one’s on me.

In other news, The Verticoli are running away with this thing. I’ve seen some shifts from week to week, but they’ve got an 18 point lead over the second place team. I’m going to give you some inside scoop on this though. Three letters, PED. The team is being investigated currently. I can’t say much more, but it all comes from a source very close to the situation.

If you’re looking for a team to make a move at some point, I’m going to go with the Delco Dirtbags. They’re laying in the weeds a bit, but I’ve heard from my sources that there’s a method here, and there might be a second half run in them.

Finally, everyone still hates Rick Penguino and his ZWR Penguins.

Now on to the real analysis.

Matt and Moe are two of the co-founding fantasy experts of RotoAnalysis.com. You can follow them @KidCotti21 and@MoeProblems respectively, or their site @RotoAnalysis.

Trades That Should Happen

The SpikeEskin.com Fantasy Hoops league is unusual in a myriad of aspects, starting with the fact that very few of the members of the league knew each other before the draft, the league’s irregular scoring, and the 14-team format (10? Sure. 12? Common. 16? Yeah, I’ve been in a few. 14? I’ve seen very few). The league is certainly not average. But in my opinion, the most inexplicable thing about the SpikeEskin.com league is its extreme dearth of trades. Through four and a half weeks (about 37.5% of the fantasy regular season) the entire league has made a total of one trade. To give that some perspective, RotoAnalysis.com writer Moe Koltun is in a league that has had 22 trades made to this date, and that’s in a league that includes a salary cap making trades more difficult to work. In the RotoAnalysis.com “Experts” league, there have been 8, with only 8 teams in the league (albeit with 22 man rosters). So, due to this lack of trades, we have decided to come up with some hypothetical trades for the league.

Get Rid of Pinky trades Andrea Bargnani & Tony Allen to Narcoleptic E Snow Experience for DeAndre Jordan & Derrick Favors

This might be one of the most logical trades of all time. “Get Rid of Pinky” really needs rebounds; “Narcoleptic E Snow Experience” really needs free throw %. “Narcoleptic E Snow Experience” really needs 3 pointers made; “Get Rid of Pinky” really needs FG%. The Bargnani for Jordan swap in itself would also be fair and logical, but I think the extra pieces benefit both sides (Favors has huge rebound + FG% upside, Tony Allen is a solid FT% guy and okay at everything else). Overall, this trade is nearly perfect, and if the trade negotiations in this league weren’t as extinct as the velociraptor, it surely would have been made by now.

Please Advise… trades Jodie Meeks & Brandon Rush to Narcoleptic E Snow Experience for Anderson Varejao

I mean the team name is “Please Advise…” so i figured we should help a brother out. Sitting in 7th place, a perfect trade partner sits right beneath you in 8th; another option for “Narcoleptic E Snow Experience” as he tries to balance out his squad. His team ranks dead last in three pointers, while sitting in first in rebounds and blocks. “Please Advise…” is average in three pointers, while near the bottom of the league in rebounds, blocks, and points. It would be logical for the two of them to flip a shooter for a big man. “Please Advise…” still has D.J. White hanging around the roster, and decent enough guards sitting in his utility spots to hold the squad over until Manu is back (absolute fantasy stud. he was killing it before he got injured this year). As for “Narcoleptic E Snow Experience,” they have one player who has made more than 15 threes this season. While John Wall has a lot of upside, he hasn’t drained a three all season. Jodie Meeks and Brandon Rush have combined to hit 60 threes so far this year. It’s time to get Wesley Johnson out of that starting lineup, and use your depth at power forward and center to minimize the loss of Varejao, who has been a double-double machine, but is far from irreplaceable. Big Baby, Favors, Perkins, Hansborough, and Hawes (once he’s back) are more than enough to hold down your big man spots with the stud shot blockers you already have, and Greg Monroe who is on his way up the ladder to becoming a star fantasy player.

Free Boosie trades Stephen Jackson & Hedo Turkoglu to The Personal Fouls for Jameer Nelson & Mo Williams

This trade was a little bit tougher to develop than the first, but I thought that we needed to get Spike any help he could get after his abysmal start in the league, currently in 14th (better known as “Last”) place. After looking through the smorgasbord of categories “Free Boosie” is inept in, I came to the conclusion that the main problem was assists. In this trade, Free Boosie gains two players who are good in that category, while giving away one of his only categories with depth: 3 Pointers Made. I know on the surface it looks like a great deal for Spike, but Hedo Turkoglu has actually been by far the best player in this trade (6.23 Points on the “Spike League” Player Rater) where as Jameer Nelson has actually been the worst (0.86 Points on the “Spike League” Player Rater). It is a little bit of a buy low / sell high, but The Personal Fouls desperately needs 3 Pointers Made, and there’s always the possibility that Jameer Nelson’s continual injury issues once again resurface. However, for Spike, it’s more than worth it to take that chance because, what, worst case he finishes further in last? There’s nowhere to go but up.

Dino Radja trades Josh Smith to Delco Dirtbags for James Harden

One on one trades are always hard. I’m sure each of these respective owners loves the guy they own here—but with a swap, both teams could improve. Delco Dirtbags is sitting at 4th in the league, but has several teams nipping at its heels. Its two weakest categories are steals and blocks. Josh “Smitty” Smith contributes 3.2 “stocks” (steals+blocks), and his rebounds will surely help “Delco Dirtbags” get above average in that category. As for Harden, while he has been incredibly efficient, he provides only 1.0 “stocks” a game. His free throw shooting would be huge for Dino Radja, who rank 13th in the league in FT%, and 12th in the league in 3Pt, while being above average in steals and blocks. This is like the definition of a win-win trade. You’re both welcome.

You can follow along and watch league standings all year of the league HERE.

I’ve created a Twitter list of everyone in the league, you can follow that list HERE. 

And once again, please check out the fine folks over at RotoAnalysis.com for great fantasy advice for all sports, in written and podcast form.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Farewell Brad Lidge

Even though it was over three years ago, Brad Lidge’s 2008 season is exactly how we remember him. That picture just moments after the final out of the World Series sits in pretty exclusive company in Philadelphia sports history.

Lidge signed a contract with the Nationals, which gives us a good chance to look back on his career in Philadelphia, and that season. Pat Gallen asks the question, “is his 2008 season the most important individual season in Philly sports history?” It’s a tough choice, but Lidge’s campaign sits higher on that list than you may think.

We also do a Philly Sports Fantasy Draft, in honor of the NHL All-Star draft. We get five picks each, from any Philly team we want, to fill our teams.

Finally, we introduce the first installment of “three questions.”

Follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, check him out on Phillies Nation, and on 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey.

Follow Spike on Twitter @spikeeskin, check him out on CBS Philly, and on 94 WIP in Philadelphia.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Understanding Iguodala

As the Sixers become a more talked about topic in Philadelphia, the subject of Andre Iguodala has come to the forefront again.

Over the years, for several different factors, the Philadelphia fan relationship with Andre Iguodala has been a strained one.

Pat Gallen and I discuss why that may be, and if Iguodala will ever be appreciated in Philadelphia for what he does more than criticized for what he doesn’t. We also compare the relationship with him to that with other players who have played in Philly, like Donovan McNabb, Cole Hamels, Mike Schmidt and Eric Lindros.

Follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and check him out on Phillies Nation and 97.3 ESPN radio.

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You can read what I wrote about rooting for Iguodala on CBSPhilly yesterday at this link.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Willis, Rollins, the Sixers & NBA Fantasy League

On Time’s Yours today, Pat Gallen and I discussed the following:

* the Dontrelle Willis signing and the “it factor” that Willis has.

* the Phillies and Jimmy Rollins, and how they ended up here.

* what the Chris Paul situation has done positively and negatively for the NBA.

* the Sixers break camp, and will go with Meeks over Turner as a starter.

* the official spikeeskin.com NBA Fantasy League, with a few celebrity members, and your chance to be a part of it. It’s in the last ten minutes of the show. You’ll need to give us three words on Twitter letting us know why you should be in the league. The hash tag you’ll need to know is #SEFantasy, and the deadline is 4pm on Sunday. We’ve got five open spots.

Follow Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, and check him out on Phillies Nation and ESPN 97.3 radio in South Jersey.

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 This is the Philvania t-shirt that Pat was talking about in the podcast, you can buy it here.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Phillies Not-So-Hot Stove And The Sixers Schedule

Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Thad

For a week without very much actual sports being played here in Philly, there sure was a lot going on.

Pat Gallen and I talk about the Phillies off-season activities, and what the Marlins signings of Jose Reyes and possibly Albert Pujols mean, as well as whether or not the Sixers schedule benefits team. We also get into what it will take to keep Thad Young.

And of course, we talk about the End Of Lockout party, which is Friday (all information is here).

You can follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and check him out on Phillies Nation and ESPN 97.3 in South Jersey.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The NBA, The CBA, The Sixers, Amnesty and Philly Reem

It’s fitting that the NBA will begin its season on Christmas, because the best gift I could get this holiday season is professional basketball and the Sixers.

Since the agreement, I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon, talking and thinking about the season non-stop. It’s finally recorded.

First, Pat Gallen and I talk the CBA, the compacted NBA schedule, and its effect on the Sixers and the rest of the league.

Then, I talk to Kareem (@PhillyReem) about the future of Mo Speights, and what he thinks this year has in store for the Sixers.

It’s a long one, but a good one. That’s what she said.

Follow Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, and check him out on Phillies Nation and 97.3 ESPN Radio in South Jersey.

Follow Reem on Twitter @PhillyReem, or in Section 111 at Sixers games.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Misery In Philly Sports

There is a dark cloud over Philadelphia sports right now. It looks a lot like the Eagles.

The misery of this season has cast quite a shadow over Philly sports as a whole, most notably our attitude toward them.

On Time’s Yours today Pat Gallen and I talk about the Eagles team and whether Andy Reid really would step down at the end of the season, the Phillies and the Papelbon signing, and maybe sneak in how much I despise the current state of professional basketball. Just maybe.

Follow Pat on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and check him out on Phillies Nation and 97.3 ESPN radio.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Penn State Disaster And The Ryan Madson Contract

Boy, sports have been weird this week.

Discussing actual sports, and the Penn State situation has made for some weird segue-ways.

Today, Pat Gallen and I talked about the Penn State situation, and the massive failure at all levels. Then we had one of those awkward segues into the rumored contract that Ryan Madson is ready to sign with the Phillies and where it leaves the rest of the rest of the roster (and talk a little Yoenis Cespedes). Finally, we wound it up with some NBA labor talk and some awful comments made by NBA Union attorney Jeffrey Kessler.

Find Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN and at Phillies Nation. You can also hear him on 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Avant, Bryzgalov, Jimmy Rollins And The Bandwagon

Two sports radio stations, an endless number of blogs (THIS ONE!), Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, local TV sports, there is a lot of space to fill in the sports landscape today.

So much that maybe we’re filling it with things that don’t really matter.

That’s what Pat Gallen and I talk about today.

Is Jason Avant’s “bandwagon,” comment one of them? What about the Ilya Bryzgalov media ban?

We combine that with a Inception (the movie), J-Roll, Ryan Howard and Andre Iguodala on Twitter and what the Phillies should do with their money during the offseason.

Follow Pat Gallen on Twitter @PatGallen_PN, read him on Phillies Nation, and listen to him (after you’re done listening to this of course) on 97.3 ESPN.

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