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The Heat And The Pacers Have No Last Names (Ok Just The Heat)

First Names

So I’m sitting at home last night watching game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals (I see you Lebron James), and I was struck by what may be the most important development in NBA basketball. Maybe the most important development in sports.

Guys with two first names.

I mean, at first glance, this isn’t someone you want to trust. Never trust a guy who keeps his change in his wallet, or a guy who has two first names. But the evidence seems irrefutable.

On these two teams alone:

Lebron James

Joel Anthony

Ray Allen

Rashard Lewis

Chris Andersen (debatable I know, but Anderson Cooper, Verajao, Hunt, etc…)

Norris Cole

Pat Riley

Dwyane Wade

Juwan Howard

Paul George

Ok so maybe it’s just the Heat, but they won 27 straight games and 66 games overall and may win the NBA Championship.

What do we do with this information?

Well, of course, call Sam Hinkie and tell him to make a spreadsheet out of it.

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