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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Lottery Party Preview & Sixers Trade Rumors

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It’s finally here, the Rights To Ricky Sanchez / Liberty Ballers 2016 Lottery Party at XFINITY Live!

We’ve seen the numbers, and there are going to be a heckuvalotta people there. We want to see you.

We talk about the party, the week’s news, and whatever other nonsense we think of.

**YOU CAN PARK FOR FREE, BUT YOU DO NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE TICKET FROM XFINITY LIVE! You won’t park for free without it. You have to park in Lot C or Lot D at the Wells Fargo Center. Remember, YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE TICKET BY CLICKING HERE. **

We talk about the party, the week’s news, and whatever other nonsense we think of.

Also, become a fan of the Liberty Ballers at The Basketball Tournament. It’s free, it’s awesome, and it’s also easy to do.

Lottery Party In Post


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LL Pavorsky is located at 707 Walnut St. in Philadelphia, online at LLPavorsky.com, on the phone at 215-627-2252 or just hit Lee up on Twitter @LLPavorsky. Tell him you’re a Truster, he’s one of us. For every show, Lee makes a generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley and RAINN.

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Rights To Ricky Sanchez | Liberty Ballers 2016 NBA Lottery Party At XFinity Live

RTRS Party Web


When: May 17th, 6pm-10pm

Where: XFinity Live, Philadelphia

How Much: Free (Parking Free With This Ticket)

Ages: All

The Rights To Ricky Sanchez / Liberty Ballers Lottery Party is going to be even bigger, and even better in 2016. We had to find a place where we wouldn’t run out of room. We found one.

The 2016 Lottery Party will be at XFinity Live in South Philly. It will be Tuesday, May 17th, from 6pm until 10pm. It will be free to get inside. It will benefit (in part) The Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley, and RAINN. There will be giveaways, including a big one from our very own LL Pavorsky Jewelers.

They said we won’t run out of space at this place, but let’s try.

RTRS Parking Ticket

But most of all, we will be together. We will eat, drink, be merry, boo Doug Collins and cheer when the Sixers get “one, four, eleven.” We’re going to watch the NBA Lottery on that GIANT SCREEN at XFinity Live.

Parking will be FREE, but because there’s a Phillies game that night, you will need the FREE parking ticket provided by XFinity Live. Just CLICK HERE to get it, or click that giant thing above this that says CLICK HERE. Print out and bring the parking ticket with you, or download it to your phone. But probably just bring the print out.


Yes there will be t-shirts from Cheesesteaktees.

Yes my wife will go.

No, Rebel will not go because he hates everyone.

More info is coming.

Let’s grow this orchard. On the MOON.


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