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Analysis Of The First Ever Spike Eskin Dot Com NBA Fantasy Draft

The Actual #SEFantasy League Trophy

All week, I was scared to death. I’d been getting private messages from Zoo With Roy suggesting there was no way he’d allow me to draft Jrue Holiday. Since he wouldn’t be around for the draft itself, he told me he had Jrue pre-ranked at #9.

I didn’t even know why, but this bothered me. Zoo got in my head. Was it even that important that I got Jrue Holiday? Was Zoo manipulating me?

So when he ended up with the second pick the draft, I was interested to see what he’d do. He didn’t take Holiday. I ended up with the 13th pick, and because it was a snake draft, I also had the 16th. I knew if I wanted Holiday, it’d have to be one of those picks. I reached, I admit it. I just needed to explain.

So, we’re lucky enough to have some Fantasy Basketball experts who will be with us all season long to do some analysis of our league.

Matt and Moe are two of the co-founding fantasy experts of RotoAnalysis.com. You can follow them @KidCotti21 and @MoeProblems respectively, or their site @RotoAnalysis.

Roto Analysis NBA Draft Wrap-Up

When it comes down to it, the draft is easily half of the season. In a league as deep as this one, there often won’t be a game-changing waiver-wire pickup to propel any team to victory, and hopefully there won’t be a one-sided traded that changes the playing field. Therefore, the add/drops and the roster moves can only account for so much of your success. Probably more than half of the season is already over; so let’s see how you guys have set yourselves up:

The Peak: Top 3 Pre-Season Teams

Fire Millen

Nothing crazy, just this team is filled with guys I like. Steph Curry is a stud in this format, shooting for great percentages, especially at the free throw line, only holding you back at turnovers. Paul George is in for a breakout year, and when analysts say players grow in the offseason, they don’t usually mean it like this; Paul George grew from 6’8 to 6’11 during the offseason reportedly. He and Collison will be part of a much-improved Pacer team that Fire Millen can ride to the glory land. Not to mention Blake, Gallinari, D-Lee, or Tyson Chandler. Plug Bogut into that UTIL spot and this is the team to beat.

Get Rid of Pinky

This is a really interesting team, because whether you meant to or not, you punted Rebounds and Blocks; literally, Zach Randolph is your only guy in the starting lineup who grabs more than 6.7 rebounds a game. With Channing Frye and Andrea Bargnani at the Center spots, that will help you dominate Points and 3Pt. By using both of your UTIL spots on guards to go with CP3 and the ridiculously under-drafted Tony Parker, this team should dominate the other 10 (of 12) categories.

Narcoleptic E Snow Experience

I think this team is far from perfect, but in a league with categories like these, it will be a pretty guard-driven league. Quite simply, this team just has the best guards. Deron Williams and John Wall are already stars, and I think Ty Lawson has a great shot to join them in an up-tempo Nuggets system this season. Greg Monroe is another of my favorite breakout candidates at your Center spot. The issue here is your forwards; I would look to trade one of the 5 Centers you have on your roster for help there, and this team should be very solid in a league as deep as this one.

No-Man’s Land

Free Boosie (Spike)

Since you didn’t fit quite into the bottom or the top, I figured I’d give you your own little section in the middle, Spike. While the Jrue Holiday pick was definitely questionable as to how early it was, there’s no denying that he’s a very good PG. This team has great balance, with no real holes other than 3 point shooting, and will put you in a solid position to win each week with Melo leading a bunch of underrated and often overlooked guys. Nicolas Batum, for example, is really underrated in this format; he’ll help out a little in every category. If Jrue continues to improve, and both Derrick Williams and Evan Turner warrant their #2 draft pick status, this could be a championship-caliber squad. However, if those average guys like Afflalo, Wesley Matthews, and Batum regress, and Stephen Jackson goes legitimately crazy, this team could suffer some bad defeats.

The Dregs: Bottom 3 Pre-Season Teams

Metta World Domination

This could have been a great, great team, no doubt about it. That is, if we rewound the clock to 2006. Sure, Andrew Bynum would just be in high school, but look at the rest of this squad: Camby, Kobe, Billups, Dirk, Elton Brand, Vince Carter, J-Rich. These guys used to be absolute studs. (Key word: Used.) Now most of them are aging vets with knee troubles. Don’t see much upside for this team in 2011.

Team Reese

First and foremost, don’t be that guy whose team name is “team [insert name].” You and “Team Sweeney” have gotta get on that ASAP. Second, sorry about Brook Lopez. Always frustrating to draft a guy and have him get injured before the season even starts; stuff happens. I like the Amar’e/Gasol picks to start things off, but your draft was quickly derailed with no impact guards (The Mavs’ backcourt should take a step back this year, and while Ray Allen is solid, he’s no more than an above average 3rd guard in this league format.)

ZWR Penguins

Not gonna lie man, your logo is pretty cool. Starting Troy Murphy and Samuel Dalembert in your Center spots? Not as cool. In any 2 C league (especially a 14-teamer), I try to lock in at least one good big early; that’s where the downfall of your team began. Then, I think you just looked too young on the draft board. Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Bismack Biyombo and Tristan Thompson will all be good NBA players, but it might not be for a couple of years. While Durant is obviously incredible, I don’t really see the frontcourt pieces for this team to compete.

5 Best Picks

5. Paul Millsap (PF, Jazz) 56th overall

Paul Millsap is a shockingly well-rounded player. Discarding his stats from beyond the arc, Millsap is at least serviceable in every category, and is even one of the top PFs in steals and FG% every year, two stats that are often overlooked in comparison to the “sexier” points and rebounds. Millsap should have gone 10-15 picks higher and this early in the draft, that is extremely significant.

4. Tyler Hansbrough (PF, Pacers) 132nd overall
This pains me to say as a die-hard Duke fan, but Tyler Hansbrough seems poised for a break-out season this year. On a per-minute basis, Hansbrough was great in 2010-2011 (5.2 rebounds and 11 points in 21.9 minutes per game), and if he can get himself up to 25-30 minutes, Hansbrough could easily be a top 15 power forward this season.

3. Tony Parker (PG, Spurs) 88th overall

Tony Parker is often associated with the word “Sexy” but that’s certainly not because of his skill set. Parker frequently becomes underrated because of the boredom associated with the type of style he plays. In the mind of some fantasy owners, it’s way more fun to take a shot on Ricky Rubio (or in this case Jarrett Jack and Rodney Stuckey) than to get the same old stats from Tony Parker. However, 9 times out of 10 at the end of the season, Parker will finish with the same amazing shooting percentage he always does, the same great assists, the same above average steals and the same solid amount of points. Taking Tony Parker isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but it will pay big dividends for your fantasy team in the end and he probably should have gone a full round or so higher than this.

2. Manu Ginobli (SG, Spurs) 57th overall

Maybe people in this draft just really hate the Spurs, but I literally can’t find something not to like about Manu Ginobli. I mean, what’s more loveable than a short balding guy who’s competing against glorified Adonis-es, c’mon people, it’s always fun to root for the underdog. From a statistical perspective, Manu brings everything you would want and more, draining 3’s, shooting great from the line and finishing 16th overall on ESPN’s player rater last season. Yeah, he should decline a little, but Manu is still deserving of a top 30 pick; getting him at 57 was an absolute steal.

1. Ray Allen (SG, Celtics) 95th overall

I know Ray Allen is old, but it makes NO sense for him to fall so far in this draft. Ray Allen is as well-rounded as Manu Ginobli–he has a good field goal percentage, is a great free throw shooter, is one of the best 3 point shooters overall in the league, and gets an above average amount of assists, steals and points. His only below average stat is blocks, and he’s still not awful at that for a shooting guard. Allen finished 28th on ESPN’s player rater last season (one spot behind Deron Williams, who was taken 86 spots ahead of him) and although there should be a slight decline in Allen’s skills, he’ll likely still be a top 40 to 45 player this season. Taking players like Mike Conley, Darren Collison, Jarret Jack and Rodney Stuckey to play at the same “Guard” spot over Ray Allen is tantamount to fantasy hoops blasphemy. May Jesus Stuttlesworth bring forgiveness onto all of you for this insane under-draft.

5 Worst Picks

5. Jrue Holliday (PG, 76ers) 16th overall

Many writers would have disliked this pick more, but I happen to be a gigantic Jrue Holliday fan so it is only a mild travesty to have taken him this high. Sure, Holliday is physically talented and has high upside, but taking him over John Wall, Pau Gasol, and Blake Griffin is still pretty insane, even for the giant 76ers fan as I know Spike is.

4. Chauncey Billups (PG, Clippers) 42nd overall

Chauncey Billups is on a team with Chris Paul, Mo Williams, and Eric Bledsoe. Yeah, he will probably play the 2 guard a decent amount but I would bet he plays around 25 minutes a game. His assists will drop in that role, leaving him mainly as a 3 point threat. Taking him in the 3rd round when he is probably behind even the Tony Parker / Ricky Rubio tier (both of whom were taken more than 40 picks later in the draft) is pretty absurd.

3. Andrea Bargnani (C, PF, Raptors) 53rd overall

Andrea Bargnani shoots for a horrible percentage for a center, is an awful rebounder, gets very few blocks and steals, but is good at the most overrated stat in fantasy: scoring. Sure, he makes some treys, and is a high-volume scorer, but he is at such a disadvantage in so many other categories that taking him over players like Paul Millsap, Manu Ginobli, or Luol Deng makes no sense. Even if “Get Rid of Pinky” wanted a center, Roy Hibbert, JaVale McGee, and Tyson Chandler were all still available and all 3 of those are significantly better options than Bargnani for a well-rounded squad.

2. Jarrett Jack (PG, Hornets) 87th overall

I know Jarrett Jack is the Hornets’ starting point guard now that CP3 is gone, but last year in 20.7 minutes he averaged 0.4 3 Pointers Made, 2.1 Rebounds, 2.9 Assists, 0.7 Steals and 8.9 Points per game. If those are extrapolated over a 35 minute per game pace that’s .7 3 Pointers Made, 3.7 Rebounds, 5.1 Assists, 1.2 Steals and 15.5 points per game. So, in a best-case scenario assuming Jack’s weaknesses don’t get exposed due to more playing time, he’ll still have worse stats than Tony Parker who went one pick after him and shot over 15% better from the floor. Jack probably should have gone in the 130-140 pick range, around where the similarly skilled guard George Hill was drafted.

1. Tyreke Evans (PG, SG, Kings) 31st overall

Tyreke Evans holds a name cache far greater than the skills he actually possesses. Last year, Evans finished 34th on the ESPN player rater among point guards, and in this draft he was taken 31st overall! Evans’ problems are twofold: 1) His shooting percentage is godawful, shooting under 41% from the field. That’s not the worst part though; Tyreke Evans actually shot 29.4 percent on 2-pointers outside of 3 feet last season. So, outside of easy layups Evans shot under 30% from the field. That’s legitimately hard to do. 2) He’s not elite at one category. Swallowing an awful shooting percentage would be okay if he had Rajon Rondo-like assists ability, but the truth is he’s really sub par at almost every category. Additionally, the caliber of point guard, not to mention other positions, was through the roof at that point in the draft with significantly more talented players Kyle Lowry and Ty Lawson both being taken directly after Tyreke. I don’t want to be rude to Anthony Mason Haircut (great name, by the way) but I probably would have taken Tyreke Evans somewhere in the 80-90 pick range at best, and that’s solely on his physical talent and upside. I hope Anthony Mason’s haircut proves me wrong. It has many times before.

Good luck this season guys!

You can follow along and watch league standings all year of the league HERE.

I’ve created a Twitter list of everyone in the league, you can follow that list HERE. 

And once again, please check out the fine folks over at RotoAnalysis.com for great fantasy advice for all sports, in written and podcast form.

The prize package is going to be pretty sweet, in addition to the trophy above. We’ll announce that in the next couple of weeks.


Round: 1
(1) Please Advise… – LeBron James SF
(2) ZWR Penguins – Kevin Durant SF
(3) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Derrick Rose PG
(4) Get Rid of Pinky – Chris Paul PG
(5) Dino Radja – Dwyane Wade SG
(6) Delco Dirtbags – Kevin Love PF
(7) Team sweeney – Dwight Howard C
(8) The  Verticoli – Russell Westbrook PG
(9) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Deron Williams PG
(10) Fire  Millen – Stephen Curry PG
(11) Team Reese – Amare Stoudemire C
(12) The Personal  Fouls – Monta Ellis PG
(13) Free Boosie – Carmelo Anthony SF
(14) Metta World Domination – Dirk Nowitzki PF

Round: 2
(15) Metta World Domination – Kobe Bryant SG
(16) Free Boosie – Jrue Holiday PG
(17) The Personal  Fouls – Al Jefferson C
(18) Team Reese – Pau Gasol PF
(19) Fire  Millen – Blake Griffin PF
(20) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – John Wall PG
(21) The  Verticoli – Andre Iguodala SF
(22) Team sweeney – Eric Gordon SG
(23) Delco Dirtbags – LaMarcus Aldridge PF
(24) Dino Radja – Josh Smith PF
(25) Get Rid of Pinky – Zach Randolph PF
(26) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Al Horford C
(27) ZWR Penguins – Rudy Gay SF
(28) Please Advise… – Joakim Noah C

Round: 3
(29) Please Advise… – Steve Nash PG
(30) ZWR Penguins – Rajon Rondo PG
(31) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Tyreke Evans PG
(32) Get Rid of Pinky – Danny Granger SF
(33) Dino Radja – Chris Bosh PF
(34) Delco Dirtbags – Kevin Martin SG
(35) Team sweeney – Paul Pierce SF
(36) The  Verticoli – Kyle Lowry PG
(37) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Ty Lawson PG
(38) Fire  Millen – David Lee PF
(39) Team Reese – Gerald Wallace SF
(40) The Personal  Fouls – Joe Johnson SG
(41) Free Boosie – Stephen Jackson SG
(42) Metta World Domination – Chauncey Billups PG

Round: 4
(43) Metta World Domination – Andrew Bynum C
(44) Free Boosie – Nene C
(45) The Personal  Fouls – Marcin Gortat C
(46) Team Reese – Dorell Wright SF
(47) Fire  Millen – Andrew Bogut C
(48) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Greg Monroe PF
(49) The  Verticoli – Marc Gasol C
(50) Team sweeney – Andray Blatche PF
(51) Delco Dirtbags – Serge Ibaka C
(52) Dino Radja – DeMarcus Cousins PF
(53) Get Rid of Pinky – Andrea Bargnani C
(54) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Raymond Felton PG
(55) ZWR Penguins – Kyrie Irving PG
(56) Please Advise… – Paul Millsap PF

Round: 5
(57) Please Advise… – Manu Ginobili SG
(58) ZWR Penguins – David West PF
(59) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Roy Hibbert C
(60) Get Rid of Pinky – Luol Deng SF
(61) Dino Radja – Brandon Jennings PG
(62) Delco Dirtbags – James Harden SG
(63) Team sweeney – DeMar DeRozan SG
(64) The  Verticoli – Carlos Boozer PF
(65) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – JaVale McGee C
(66) Fire  Millen – Danilo Gallinari SF
(67) Team Reese – Brook Lopez C
(68) The Personal  Fouls – Luis Scola PF
(69) Free Boosie – Wesley Matthews SG
(70) Metta World Domination – Mike Conley PG

Round: 6
(71) Metta World Domination – Elton Brand PF
(72) Free Boosie – Derrick Williams PF
(73) The Personal  Fouls – Jameer Nelson PG
(74) Team Reese – Jason Kidd PG
(75) Fire  Millen – Tyson Chandler C
(76) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – DeAndre Jordan C
(77) The  Verticoli – Chris Kaman C
(78) Team sweeney – Tim Duncan PF
(79) Delco Dirtbags – Jose Calderon PG
(80) Dino Radja – Michael Beasley SF
(81) Get Rid of Pinky – Channing Frye PF
(82) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Thaddeus Young SF
(83) ZWR Penguins – Devin Harris PG
(84) Please Advise… – Rodney Stuckey PG

Round: 7
(85) Please Advise… – Ed Davis PF
(86) ZWR Penguins – Kevin Garnett PF
(87) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Jarrett Jack PG
(88) Get Rid of Pinky – Tony Parker PG
(89) Dino Radja – Emeka Okafor C
(90) Delco Dirtbags – Caron Butler SF
(91) Team sweeney – Antawn Jamison PF
(92) The  Verticoli – Ricky Rubio PG
(93) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Anderson Varejao PF
(94) Fire  Millen – Darren Collison PG
(95) Team Reese – Ray Allen SG
(96) The Personal  Fouls – Kris Humphries PF
(97) Free Boosie – J.J. Hickson PF
(98) Metta World Domination – Jason Richardson SG

Round: 8
(99) Metta World Domination – Nick Young SG
(100) Free Boosie – Nicolas Batum SF
(101) The Personal  Fouls – Tyrus Thomas PF
(102) Team Reese – Jason Terry SG
(103) Fire  Millen – Amir Johnson PF
(104) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Wesley Johnson SF
(105) The  Verticoli – Marcus Thornton SG
(106) Team sweeney – Corey Maggette SF
(107) Delco Dirtbags – Lamar Odom PF
(108) Dino Radja – Andre Miller PG
(109) Get Rid of Pinky – D.J. Augustin PG
(110) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Jamal Crawford SG
(111) ZWR Penguins – Boris Diaw PF
(112) Please Advise… – John Salmons SF

Round: 9
(113) Please Advise… – Chase Budinger SF
(114) ZWR Penguins – Samuel Dalembert C
(115) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Shawn Marion SF
(116) Get Rid of Pinky – Richard Hamilton SG
(117) Dino Radja – Jared Dudley SF
(118) Delco Dirtbags – Jimmer Fredette SG
(119) Team sweeney – Kemba Walker PG
(120) The  Verticoli – Ryan Anderson PF
(121) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Derrick Favors PF
(122) Fire  Millen – Paul George SF
(123) Team Reese – Toney Douglas PG
(124) The Personal  Fouls – Brandon Bass PF
(125) Free Boosie – Arron Afflalo SG
(126) Metta World Domination – Marcus Camby C

Round: 10
(127) Metta World Domination – Ramon Sessions PG
(128) Free Boosie – Evan Turner SG
(129) The Personal  Fouls – DeJuan Blair C
(130) Team Reese – Trevor Ariza SF
(131) Fire  Millen – O.J. Mayo SG
(132) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Tyler Hansbrough PF
(133) The  Verticoli – Anthony Morrow SG
(134) Team sweeney – Carl Landry PF
(135) Delco Dirtbags – Carlos Delfino SF
(136) Dino Radja – George Hill PG
(137) Get Rid of Pinky – Tony Allen SG
(138) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Chuck Hayes PF
(139) ZWR Penguins – Jordan Crawford SG
(140) Please Advise… – Lou Williams PG

Round: 11
(141) Please Advise… – Landry Fields SG
(142) ZWR Penguins – Troy Murphy PF
(143) Anthony Mason  Haircut – C.J. Miles SF
(144) Get Rid of Pinky – Grant Hill SF
(145) Dino Radja – Eric Bledsoe PG
(146) Delco Dirtbags – Enes Kanter C
(147) Team sweeney – Jerryd Bayless PG
(148) The  Verticoli – Mehmet Okur C
(149) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Jeff Teague PG
(150) Fire  Millen – Andrei Kirilenko SF
(151) Team Reese – Brandon Knight PG
(152) The Personal  Fouls – Mo Williams PG
(153) Free Boosie – Tayshaun Prince SF
(154) Metta World Domination – Vince Carter SG

Round: 12
(155) Metta World Domination – Drew Gooden PF
(156) Free Boosie – Hedo Turkoglu SF
(157) The Personal  Fouls – Austin Daye SF
(158) Team Reese – Jose Juan Barea PG
(159) Fire  Millen – Baron Davis PG
(160) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Kendrick Perkins C
(161) The  Verticoli – Ben Gordon SG
(162) Team sweeney – J.J. Redick SG
(163) Delco Dirtbags – Gerald Henderson SG
(164) Dino Radja – Gilbert Arenas PG
(165) Get Rid of Pinky – Leandro Barbosa SG
(166) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Jodie Meeks SG
(167) ZWR Penguins – Brendan Haywood C
(168) Please Advise… – Beno Udrih PG

Round: 13
(169) Please Advise… – Rudy Fernandez SG
(170) ZWR Penguins – Jeff Green SF
(171) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Timofey Mozgov C
(172) Get Rid of Pinky – Darko Milicic C
(173) Dino Radja – Al-Farouq Aminu SF
(174) Delco Dirtbags – Shane Battier SF
(175) Team sweeney – Omri Casspi SF
(176) The  Verticoli – Gordon Hayward SG
(177) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Glen Davis PF
(178) Fire  Millen – Andris Biedrins C
(179) Team Reese – Rashard Lewis PF
(180) The Personal  Fouls – Omer Asik C
(181) Free Boosie – Josh McRoberts PF
(182) Metta World Domination – Udonis Haslem PF

Round: 14
(183) Metta World Domination – Al Harrington PF
(184) Free Boosie – Xavier Silas SG
(185) The Personal  Fouls – Corey Brewer SF
(186) Team Reese – Marvin Williams SF
(187) Fire  Millen – Ekpe Udoh C
(188) Narcoleptic E Snow Experience – Spencer Hawes C
(189) The  Verticoli – Kenneth Faried PF
(190) Team sweeney – Jermaine O’Neal C
(191) Delco Dirtbags – Taj Gibson PF
(192) Dino Radja – Metta World Peace SF
(193) Get Rid of Pinky – James Johnson SF
(194) Anthony Mason  Haircut – Jason Thompson PF
(195) ZWR Penguins – Randy Foye SG
(196) Please Advise… – Luke Ridnour PG

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