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An Ode To Marreese Speights

Farewell Mo, we hardly knew you.

Marreese Speights was (finally) traded today in a three-team deal, which will land him in Memphis and will supply the Sixers with two second round picks in next year’s draft. It’s a good deal for Mo, because it gives him a fresh start in a new city, where he will certainly get some playing time right off the bat with Zach Randolph’s injury. It’s good for the Sixers because well, they weren’t going to play him anyway. It clears the room on the bench and the room off the cap to add another player this season if needed without going into luxury tax territory.

Speights managed to get himself deeper into Doug Collins’ doghouse than any player since Collins became coach last season. I mean, really deep. I mean, for a few games, he was behind Darius Songaila. Speights became the poster child for unrealized potential on the Sixers. The common belief was that Speights didn’t try very hard, didn’t value defense, and was a selfish player. There may be some truth to all of those things.

But this, like most situations like this one, are probably slightly more complicated than we give them credit for.

To me, the Speights ordeal goes back to the Eddie Jordan season. Speights started off the season playing very well. In the blog I was keeping back then (my first blog ever!), I often campaigned for more time for Speights. Then, on November 15th Speights injured his knee and missed the next eight weeks of the season. He was never the same after that.

I’m not saying it was the injury that’s kept him from performing, but I think it started to snowball. Speights came back from the injury and wasn’t in good shape. He stumbled the rest of the season. Mind you though, by the time he returned, the season was an absolute, unmitigated, certifiable disaster. Every player had checked out, and the entire organization knew the coach was going to be fired. Not a great situation to come back to.

When Collins took over, he didn’t take to Speights. Maybe Collins didn’t see Speights working hard enough, maybe it was Speights not picking up the defensive assignments, whatever it was, but it wasn’t working. Instead of using it for motivation, it seemed to continue to spiral downard for Speights. When he’d get his limited playing time, he’d shoot almost every time he touched the ball, probably trying to prove himself the wrong way. You can guess what happened from there.  Proving you should play more by trying to fit 20 minutes of playing time into five minutes doesn’t work.

Finally, after the extended off-season that had many of the Sixers return in great shape, reports were that Speights came in the opposite. He hasn’t played for the Sixers this season, and now he won’t ever.

I don’t think Speights worked hard enough here in Philly. I think if you asked him privately he may agree with that sentiment. I don’t think it means he’s incapable of doing so though. Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you want them to.

People can be pretty mean on the Internet, but Speights always seemed like a good natured, light hearted guy who legitimately enjoys playing basketball. When I repeatedly complained about his lack of defense last season on Twitter, he still greeted me with a smile and a handshake.

For whatever reasons, it didn’t work in Philadelphia for him. I hope it goes well and he finds a good basketball home in Memphis. I also hope his dream of freeing Lil’ Boosie eventually comes to fruition. We’ll always have you tweeting twitpics of fat chicks.


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Which Sixers Player Has The Pizza App?

Sixers beat writer Tom Moore tweeted the folllowing quote from Andre Iguodala after Sixers practice today:

#Sixers Iguodala: ‘I don’t want to name names,. but some (Sixers) like pizza and burgers a lot. One guy has a pizza app on his phone.’

**UPDATE** Moore has confirmed that Evan Turner is the player with the pizza app on his phone. I feel bad I pinpointed Speezy so directly, but I did have Turner as the next most likely. 

So, because I already did a whole podcast about actual basketball today, I decided to take a stab at who it might be.

Elton Brand (550-1) – No way it’s Brand. Has trained maticulously during the last two offseasons. As well, as the only guy of note on the team without a Twitter account, I doubt Elton has a ton of apps.

Tony Battie (250-1) – See Elton Brand’s reasoning. Less so for the training, more so because there’s no way he’s got apps on his phone.

Lavoy Allen (100-1) – I just don’t think Igudoala would out a brand new, second round pick, as a pizza fiend.

Thaddeus Yong (20-1) – I have no feeling on Young as a possibility one way or the other. Other than, of course the fact that he’s not #16 and not named Marreese Speights.

Andre Iguodala (NA) – Since he’s the one doing the accusing, we know for sure it isn’t Iguodala.

Evan Turner (8-1) – Sure, you don’t think Evan Turner and food right away. However, he does tweet alot, meaning he uses his phone a lot. Turner also put on a couple of pounds last year as the season progressed. I don’t think it’s particularly likely, but it’s not impossible. He’s the wild card. Also, he and Iguodala seem close.

Lou Williams (17-1) – An app to find ladies in the area? Sure. An app to find out the best place to record your newest hit rap song because you’re a boss? Yes. A pizza app? I don’t think so.

Spencer Hawes (12-1) – Here’s the thing, I think it’s entirely possible that Spencer Hawes loves pizza and has a pizza app on his phone. However, I don’t think he’d ever admit it. I think Hawes is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to admit that he can get kind of chubby.

Andres Nocioni (15-1) – Nocioni may like pizza, but I doubt he and Iguodala are discussing apps on their iPhones.

Jrue Holiday (8-1) – This may be made up, but somebody on Twitter told me Holiday loves pizza.

Jodie Meeks (25-1) – Jodie Meeks actually looks like someone who barely eats. Or only eats candy.

Nikola Vucevic (50-1) – No way he’s comfortable enough with the team yet to share this kind of information.

Craig Brackins (13-1) – Possible I guess, just doesn’t seem like the type. The type being Marreese Speights.

Marreese Speights (1-50) – I don’t know why I’m even doing this, as we all know it’s Speights anyway.

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Top 10: Who And What Is #FreeBoosie

Marreese Speights

Chris Johnson is the Promotions Director for 94WIP and co-host of What’s The Word on Phillies 24/7. You can find him on Twitter @chrisjohnsonjr.

Occasionally, when I go to Twitter I realize that I’m behind on a joke of some sort between my new group of virtual friends (if I would have written that sentence 10 years ago you wouldn’t be able to convince me that I was about to get married).  If you’re in Philly on Twitter, you probably know what #aretroops, #bolg, the fake @Sl_JonHeyman and Meech’s great hunger strike of ’10 are all about.  Over time you figure it all out – well, almost all of it.

I have a confession to make.  I have no flippin’ (for the kids) idea who Boosie is or why everyone wants he/she freed.  I’m now going to take a few minutes to try and figure out who Boosie is, by constructing a Top 10 list of suspects.

#10 Samuel Dalembert
I don’t think I remember seeing any #freeboosie stuff while he was with the Sixers, but maybe that’s just because Twitter wasn’t really around while Sammy D was not hustling his was through 6 or 7 years in Philly.  Is Dalembert Boosie?  Does he want to free himself from Sacramento?  Do his former teammates say #freeboosie because they want to help him out of Sac-town?  I have no idea.

#9 The NBPA
I have no idea what goes through the heads of professional basketball players.  Is #freeboosie some kind of code for the labor strike? Is Boosie a lawyer or agent that they all trusted who is literally in prison?  Hopefully Boosie gets freed soon so he can step in and solve this labor thing before Spike loses his mind.

#8 Plaxico Burress
Boosie starts with a B.  Burress starts with a B.  I know he’s out now, but maybe #freeboosie isn’t as much as a stance for Burress anymore as it is a symbol to free all humans who shot themselves in their leg in NYC while wearing sweat pants in a club.  Speaking of sweatpants in a club, one day in 7th grade I realized that all of my jeans were in the laundry and I had to wear sweatpants to middle school.  When I write the Top 10 worst days of my life, sweatpants to middleschool day will be in the top 3.  UGH.

#7 Twista
Maybe Boosie is a rapper that we haven’t heard from in a while.  Maybe Twista is his real name and Boosie is his nickname.  Either way, Twista had that one really good jam with Kanye Jamie Foxx and then one on his own and then disappeared.  Maybe that’s because he’s in jail under the alias Boosie.  Maybe not.

#6 OJ Simpson
I don’t even think I have to go through numbers 5-1.  It’s definitely OJ, right?  Yea, the guy from Naked Gun.  Get it?  OJ – orange juice!  You’re right, most NBA players have no idea OJ was even an NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback that invented Gatorade at the University of Florida.

#5 Avon Barksdale
NBA players must have a ton of free time, especially in the playoffs when they only play one game every four days.  When not playing they must be either playing Call of Duty or watching crime series on HBO, right?  Not only was Avon the only one who really had to incur a lengthy prison sentence, but he also ended up paralyzed in Remember the Titans.

#4 Tupac
Is he really dead?  How does he still release an album every few years.  And not just new albums, but they’re on CDs, which weren’t even really invented (ed. note : yes they were) when he was ‘allegedly’ killed.  When Tupac and Biggie went away, we were left with the likes of Diddy, Pitbull and Master P.  Please, if Tupac is Boosie and can be freed, please do so and bring back good rap music.

#3 Allen Iverson
Many current NBA stars grew up idolizing Iverson and wanting to be just like him.  Well, now he has to resort to playing basketball in Turkey.  TURKEY?!  #freeboosiefromhavingtoplayinTurkeybecauseifheplaysinTurkeyeventuallywewilltoo?

#2 Lil’ Wayne
Sometimes I see it referred to as Lil Boosie.  This could just be circumstantial evidence, but maybe it was a thing while Lil’ Wayne was in jail and everyone wanted him freed and then he put out a rap album while in jail (they have recording studios there?) and no one realizes that he’s out now.  I watched The Seven once and they said that Drake is Lil’ Wayne’s brother.  Is that true?  RIP The Seven.

#1 Gary Busey
This has to be it, right?  Maybe it’s all just been a giant misspelling like #supportaretroops.  Maybe all along, Dalembert, Lou Williams and the rest of them wanted to FREE BUSEY from VH1 reality shows!!!  No, not Busey?  Then who?

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Free Boosie: The Rules Of What Teams Athletes Can Cheer For

I only call this Free Boosie because it was inspired by Mareese Speights (who wants to free Boosie) and Lee Russakoff (who also does).

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