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Rights To Ricky Sanchez | Liberty Ballers 2016 NBA Lottery Party At XFinity Live

RTRS Party Web


When: May 17th, 6pm-10pm

Where: XFinity Live, Philadelphia

How Much: Free (Parking Free With This Ticket)

Ages: All

The Rights To Ricky Sanchez / Liberty Ballers Lottery Party is going to be even bigger, and even better in 2016. We had to find a place where we wouldn’t run out of room. We found one.

The 2016 Lottery Party will be at XFinity Live in South Philly. It will be Tuesday, May 17th, from 6pm until 10pm. It will be free to get inside. It will benefit (in part) The Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley, and RAINN. There will be giveaways, including a big one from our very own LL Pavorsky Jewelers.

They said we won’t run out of space at this place, but let’s try.

RTRS Parking Ticket

But most of all, we will be together. We will eat, drink, be merry, boo Doug Collins and cheer when the Sixers get “one, four, eleven.” We’re going to watch the NBA Lottery on that GIANT SCREEN at XFinity Live.

Parking will be FREE, but because there’s a Phillies game that night, you will need the FREE parking ticket provided by XFinity Live. Just CLICK HERE to get it, or click that giant thing above this that says CLICK HERE. Print out and bring the parking ticket with you, or download it to your phone. But probably just bring the print out.


Yes there will be t-shirts from Cheesesteaktees.

Yes my wife will go.

No, Rebel will not go because he hates everyone.

More info is coming.

Let’s grow this orchard. On the MOON.


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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Live From The Sixers Lottery Party


Who’d have guessed, two years ago when we started The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast would be doing a live version, that barely anyone could hear, in a packed Buffalo Wild Wings, in front of hundreds… (deep breath through nose) AND HUNDREDS of the pod’s supporters? No one would have guessed that. You’d be a moron to have guessed that.

But it happened, and it sounds, well, it sounds like it sounds. It’s a funny listen. You hear people boo Doug Collins and Howard Eskin. You hear people chant “asshole” at Andrew Sharp. And you hear Mike and I sort of try to do a show, and then eventually give up.

We showed up to Ricky, and chew bubblegum, and we were all out of bubblegum.

Next time, we’ll be more prepared. We didn’t expect so many people. We’ll bring bigger speakers. But for now, this is a fun listen if you were there and want to bask in the memory, or didn’t make it because you were stuck outside because we filled up the place, like this guy.

Thanks again for coming. You guys and gals are awesome.

Don’t forget to become a fan of Liberty Ballers in The Basketball Tournament.

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Follow Mike on Twitter @Michael_Levin, and read his work at Liberty Ballers.

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Rights To Ricky Sanchez / Liberty Ballers Lottery Party Cheat Sheet


Lotto Party Cheat



 Follow the show on Twitter @RTRSPodcast.



WHAT: The Second Annual Rights To Ricky Sanchez & Liberty Ballers Lottery Party

WHEN: Tuesday, May 19th, 6pm till WHENEVER (the Lottery itself will be around 8, but get there early)

WHERE: The fabulous Buffalo Wild Wings at 9701 Roosevelt Boulevard (at Grant) in the great Northeast


WHAT ELSE: 10% of all proceeds will be going to the Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley Junior Committee

FREE RIDES: Get a free first ride of up to $20 when you sign up for LYFT using the code ONESIXELEVEN. Get the app and sign up HERE.




Thank you, of course, to the folks at Cheesesteaktees for the production and selling of the shirts, and our friend Kevin Lennertz (@KevinLennertz) for the design.

Thanks to my wife for helping to man the t-shirt booth. Thanks to Tom Hogg from Cheesesteaktees for helping.

If you were an idiot and didn’t order one, we will have a VERY LIMITED QUANTITY to sell on site, cash only.


logo_mightyA bunch of people were complaining that WAAAAHHHH the Northeast is too far and WAAAAAHHHH they wanted to drink. Now, thanks to the ridesharing service LYFT, you’ll get a ride for free (up to $20). Just download the app, and enter promo code ONESIXELEVEN in the payments section of the app. Get the app HERE or on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.


People get there very early last year. You should do that this year as well. Because the lottery itself is about 10 minutes long, the party itself is mostly before the lottery happens. Of course, when we get #OneSixEleven, we’ll stay all night. We’ll start officially at 6pm, but Mike and Spike will be there earlier than that.


We’ll be recording a LIVE version of The Rights To Ricky Sanchez (we think). It will start around 6:45. It might be a disaster, but we’re going to try. There will likely be a VERY SPECIAL GUEST.


It’s TRADITIONAL TUESDAY at Buffalo Wild Wings, meaning wings are just .65 cents each. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Eat a lot of them. Eat the hell out of them with their 16 signature sauces and five dry rubs. Also, if you can get there before 6pm, you can take advantage of their Happy Hour specials, including $3 select appetizers(Mozzarella sticks, Roasted Garlic Mushrooms, Chili con Queso Dip & tortilla chips, Mini Corn Dogs, a Regular sized order of Beer Battered Onion Rings and Tortila Chips & Salsa). They have $3 liquor specials for Absolut, Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan, as well as $3-$5 23oz Tall Draft Beers with 30 beers on tap!

Also, while you’re there, sign up to host your Fantasy Football Draft Party at BWW. Book your Fantasy Football party with 10 or more people and receive a FF Draft Kit filled with: A draft board, stickers with the players names on them, (20) $5 coupons for future purchases, the Brag Flag, and (10) bottle openers with the BWW logo. The kits are limited, so book your party ASAP!


Thanks to our friend Marty at Sports Authority, we have a couple of sweet Sixers Starter satin jackets to give away. Buy all your Sixers gear at Sports Authority. 


The official hashtag of the event for all of your tweeting and instagramming and Pinterest needs is #OneSixEleven. 


Behave yourself. Have a great time.

This is going to be a really fun time, and Mike, myself and everyone at Liberty Ballers is so amazed and thrilled that this event can happen at all, and can be as big as it seems like it will be. Remember, when the ping pong balls fall our way, you’re going to need someone to hug.

* the Sixers are in no way involved with this party even though I took that logo and put it on the thing up top. sorry Sixers!

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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Former Sixers In The Playoffs


First, let us tell you that there is now a DEADLINE to order the #RTRS and Liberty Ballers Lottery Party T-Shirts. We’re doing this so we can be assured we’ll have your T-SHIRT at the party.


Please order your shirt for just $5 from the fine folks at CHEESESTEAKTEES.


Next, the podcast is a SWEET one. Of course, we talk about Marcus Mariota. We discuss the NBA R.O.Y. vote, the social media dude from the Rockets getting canned, the loss of Chad Iske, the NBA playoffs and former Sixers still playing, the reports that the Sixers like D’Angelo Russell, Dario Saric and some Twitter questions.

Don’t forget to become a fan of Liberty Ballers in The Basketball Tournament.

Follow Mike on Twitter @Michael_Levin, and read his work at Liberty Ballers.

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Rights To Ricky Sanchez | Liberty Ballers Lottery Party At Buffalo Wild Wings




Last year, we had this stupid idea to have a big party for the NBA Lottery  and invite everyone. And lots of you showed up.

So we’re doing it again, and it’s going to be EVEN BETTER. I don’t know what that means, but you should be there. Before I get to the nitty gritty, here are the details:

WHERE: Buffalo Wild Wings, 9701 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia PA 19114 (directions)

DATE: May 19th, 2015

TIME: 6pm till whenever

T-SHIRTS: You can buy the t-shirts from CHEESESTEAKTEES at THIS LOCATION.




I don’t know where to start. Let’s just start here.

First, the place, it’s at Buffalo Wild Wings in the great northeast. It is ALL AGES. There is LOTS OF PARKING. There is BEER and OTHER ALCOHOL and mad SNACKS. You can eat all the snacks you can handle.

You can eat WINGS or BONELESS WINGS, or FLATBREADS or maybe some friggin’ NACHOS. Or perhaps some PULLED PORK SLAMMERS.

They will have some sweet food and drink specials for us.

Most importantly, they are happy to have us, and they will have a million loud TVs on the lottery so we can cheer when the Sixers steal the Lakers pick and we can boo when they show Doug Collins.



Lottery Party Shirt 2015 Mockup Web 2

These shirts are amazing but are no longer for sale for party pickup.

If you are out of town:


CHEESESTEAKTEES has a bunch of other sweet shirts, like this Nerlens one or this Chuck one or this AI one.

You may be asking, WHO DESIGNED THIS FRIGGIN AMAZING SHIRT?! Well that is amazing artist Kevin Lennertz. He is an amazing artist and alumni of University Of The Arts, and he volunteered his services. Look at HINKIE! You can see all of Kevin’s really amazing art at his WEBSITE. Also, please follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinLennertz. 

Kevin is the best, please hire him!




We will have more to add, but we’re starting off BIG. Thanks to our friends at Sports Authority (thanks Marty), we’ve got some SWEET Sixers Throwback Starter satin jackets to give away. You’re going to come into the party looking like a SCHLUB and will leave looking friggin’ FLY in your Lottery Party t-shirt and Starter satin jacket from Sports Authority.



Let’s be together for this. It was really fun last year, and it will be fun again.

Trust The Process. Join Our Cult. Fuck Andrew Sharp.

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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Lottery Preview Edition


The official Rights To Ricky Sanchez and Liberty Ballers lottery party is Tuesday night at Miller’s Philly Ale House. You should come out. *ALL OF THE INFO IS HERE.*

Mike and I talk about the party, give lottery predictions, talk about the NBA Draft Combine and talk about a potential Carlos Boozer trade.

Did we mention the LOTTERY PARTY? Thanks to Cheesesteak Tees for the Hinkie shirts! You can use offer code SPIKE15 for 15% off your order in-store or online (@CheesesteakTees).

Follow Mike on Twitter @Michael_Levin, and read his work at Liberty Ballers.

Follow Spike on Twitter @SpikeEskin.

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Your Liberty Ballers & Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party Cheat Sheet

Party Header

I just got back from Miller’s Philly Ale House at Grant and the Boulevard and I’m psyched. They’re taking care of us.

The official Liberty Ballers & Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party is going to take over half of Miller’s. When you walk in, there’s a big room to the right, and if it’s nice out, we can open up all the windows and get some air in that place. When you get there, ask for the Liberty Ballers and Rights To Ricky Sanchez party. When they look at you funny, just say “lottery party.”

A ton of TV’s, all on the game and then the lottery.

Here is the info you need, followed by the info you want.

The info you need:


Miller’s Philly Ale House


9495 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114 (Grant And The Boulevard)

(215) 464-8349


Tuesday, May 20th

7pm until WHENEVER. I will be there early. 

Who Can Go?

Anyone! This is ALL AGES

What Are We Doing?

We are going to be together in one place, and watch the NBA Lottery. Video cameras will be present. Then we’ll celebrate as we watch the Eastern Conference Finals game two. 

And now…

The Info You Want

Hinkie Shirt Lead

We’ve got HINKIE T-SHIRTS. They’re free. They’re from the awesome people at Cheesesteak Tees, located at 5th and South, and online at CheeseSteakTees.com. They came up BIG for us. All those awesome novelty Philly sports shirts you see all the time? Cheesesteak Tees are the best of those. Buy stuff from them.

The first 75 people there get HINKIE shirts.


We’ve also got a ton of Sixers gear. We’ve got huge bags full of snapbacks and t-shirts to give away. Just show up. We’ll do our best to hook you up. Thanks to the Sixers, who came up huge and definitely gave us their blessing.

We’ve also got some killer SPECIALS from Miller’s.

$5 Zingers

$12.95 12 oz Choice Ribeye Dinner Specials

$7 Bud and Bud Light Pitchers

$8.95 Buckets of Bud and Bud Light

$1 off Sea Dog Blue Paw

$10 Margarita and Sangria Pitchers


The shirts are great. The hats are great. Miller’s is great. But this is all about us being together for this. What a big night for basketball. It will be fun to be together. Almost every Liberty Ballers writer will be in attendance, I will be in attendance, Molly Sullivan said she’s going (but we won’t hold her to it). Let’s remember this one. K?

Thanks for supporting Liberty Ballers. Thanks for supporting the Rights To Ricky Sanchez. We all appreciate it so much.

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HINKIE Shirts At The Liberty Ballers / Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party

Hinkie Shirt Lead

Cheesesteaktees came up BIG on this one.

We needed an exclusive t-shirt, available only at the Liberty Ballers / Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party, and Cheesesteak tees came up huge. The first 75 people who come to the party are going to get this shirt. THE HINKIE SHIRT.

Now, we all know Cheesesteak Tees right? You’ve walked into the South St store, and been all like “I want every shirt in this place.” Well you should go buy all their shirts in the store (506 South Street), or buy all their shirts at their site. 

You can follow them on Twitter @CheesesteakTees.

Even Nerlens Noel gets his “I Hate Sidney Crosby” shirts at Cheesesteak Tees.

Look at the special Lottery Party shirt. You see it. It says HINKIE in giant letters, and commemorates the first (last?) Liberty Ballers & Rights To Ricky Sanchez lottery party.


Remember, the party is at May 20th at Miller’s Philly Ale House, 9495 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114. It starts at 7pm, and we gonna party till the sun comes up.

No bitching if you don’t get one. We don’t guarantee anything. We also have some sweet official Sixers gear to give away too.


Hinkie Shirt

Thank goodness Mike Levin won’t be there (pictured below):


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