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Listen: New Limp Bizkit f/ Lil’ Wayne “Ready To Go”


As soon as I saw Limp Bizkit was doing a cheap ticket price club tour, I thought “well, they must have a new song coming.” That’s what bands do when they’ve got a new song and they need support from local radio stations.

In this case, Bizkit went and gave “presents” to a bunch of local rock stations, in hopes they would support their new song. At least that’s what I’m supposing.

Sometime in between the last time you cared about Limp Bizkit and now (I know that’s a wide range), Limp Bizkit signed with Ca$h Money records, which is hilarious.

Here’s their new song, featuring Lil Wayne, it’s called “Ready To Go.” It’s pretty standard issue Limp Bizkit, meaning I’ll convince myself I enjoy it.

See you May 1st.

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