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My Sort Of Pro-Nick Foles Chip Kelly Email

I’ve gotten a lot of heat over the last several weeks, and perhaps deservedly so, for being negative about Nick Foles.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m generally more negative about the people that insist Nick Foles is Joe Montana or Tom Brady than I am about Nick Foles.

He is playing much better than I ever imagined. It’s been impressive. There is still something about the “eye test” and his arm that don’t pass the sniff test to me, especially given how immobile he is, but time will likely prove me right or wrong on that.

In any case…

Kenny Brock is currently the producer of The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio (can be heard locally on 610AM). Kenny used to work here at WIP, where he would write some things for CBS Philly dot com.

In November of 2012, Kenny wrote a prophetic piece on Chip Kelly being the next Eagles coach. We went through several revisions, but one sticking point was that Kenny believed Michael Vick HAD to be the quarterback. I tried to back him off that stance. Otherwise the article has proven to be SPOT ON.

Kenny actually found the email, and I thought it was pretty funny given the current situation.

You can follow Kenny on Twitter @KBrockJr. You can read his great college football stuff HERE. 

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