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Andre Iguodala Is Better Than Paul Pierce And…

Why am I not putting this on CBS Philly? Well because it is simply me saying a “told you so,” but not using any real evidence, but ESPN’s NBA Rank. But in this social media age, we can present people that agree with us AS evidence.

According to ESPN’s 2012-13 NBA Rank, Andre Iguodala (#28), the guy everyone in Philadelphia was so eager to trade,  is better than the following notable players that I’ve heard fans say they’d trade him for:

Paul Pierce (#29)

Al Horford (#30)

Josh Smith (#31)

Rudy Gay (#32)

Joe Johnson (#33)

Zach Randolph (#34)

Roy Hibbert (#35)

Loul Deng (#37)

Eric Gordon (#38)

Danny Granger (#39)

Steph Curry (#40)

Al Jefferson (#44)

Monta Ellis (#46)

… and lots of other people.

To be clear, I’m super happy with have Bynum (#13) and think it was a good deal, but still, eat it haters.


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