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Thank You, NBA Lockout

I’d like to thank the NBA lockout for making me learn what an aggregate series in MLS soccer is.

For making me play NBA2K with last year’s Sixers roster (hello Antonio Daniels and Tony Battie).

I’d like to give thanks to the NBA lockout for choosing to happen the same year I decide to start my own sports blog and podcast.

For forcing me to hear “the NBA sucks anyway” from hundreds of people I wouldn’t have had to listen to otherwise.

For having to tweet about systemic issues rather than whether Evan Turner’s jump shot is fixed or seeing whether this is the year Jrue Holiday gets to be considered a top five point guard.

For talks of BRI instead of MVP.

I’d like to give a big hug to the NBA lockout for following up an exciting new Sixers owners press conference with… nothing.

While at the same time saying the league is having money problems, telling season ticket holders (like me) that we can have our money back.

Thanks NBA lockout, for making me feel like a chump when I wear my Sixers hoodie.

Oh look, Stephen A. Smith is still talking about Tim Tebow. Sweet.

We can thank the NBA lockout for my ability to spell Bryzgalov correctly without having to Google it.

For running pictures of David Stern and Billy Hunter rather than Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade.

Thanks to the NBA lockout for choosing to not make money, when much of the country can’t figure out a way to pay the bills.

For the Philly’s biggest hope and point of discussion being whether a 3-4 Eagles team can still win the division.

For having to read 700 word emails from Derek Fisher.

A nice big thanks to the NBA lockout for opening night on my TV consisting of Breaking Bad on Netflix and reruns of Man Vs. Food instead of a League Pass marathon.

For delaying the start of another full season of “where will they trade Chris Bosh?”

For having to see Baron Davis in a flannel shirt, instead of a basketball uniform where I can see just how fat he’s gotten.

Thanks to the NBA lockout for costing a ton of people their jobs, who don’t have the luxury of the savings that a five million dollar salary can provide.

Thanks NBA lockout, for taking the most fun I have every winter and doing your best to flush it down the toilet.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Kate Fagan Talks NBA Lockout And The Sixers

After two days of some hope, the NBA labor discussions fell apart yesterday, and they canceled the first two weeks of games. I talked to Kate Fagan from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the labor situation and its effect on the Sixers.

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Photoshop Fun: David Stern Is 50 (Per)cent

This is @_mattmac‘s tribute to the NBA labor problems. Get a deal done, fellas.

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