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Coffee Dad Tweets That He Drank Coffee Out Of His Dead Son’s Skull

Coffee Skull

If Coffee Dad was an athlete, he’d say someone hacked his Twitter.

You may remember, I explored the death of Coffee Dad’s son (read related). Coffee Dad is a likely fictional character who exists on Twitter. He generally only tweets about coffee, but sometimes about the untimely death of his son.

Well on December 18th, Coffee Dad took it a step past the line. If he’s fake, the joke was pushing it. If he’s real, Coffee Dad needs help. He tweeted the following (thanks @SoundOfPhilly):

Dead son

The tweet was later deleted, but there were several reactions and manual retweets.

I feel like Coffee Dad has to cop to this, and explain or apologize.

This is so stupid.

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Putting Together The Pieces Of Coffee Dad’s Son’s Death

You know Coffee Dad (@coffee_dad). I retweet him even though you already follow him. He’s the top-of-the-line Twitter account that gives us gems like this:

But sometimes, like today, Coffee Dad gets serious. He speaks of his son’s untimely death. Like here:

What I think we can ascertain from his tweets about his son, is that his death was motorcycle related, his son was married, and Dad takes some responsibility.

I’d like to solve the mystery of Coffee Son’s death. Respectfully, of course.

Some notes here: as Steve McDonald (@_spmcdonald) points out, his son’s birthday is 7/17 (could someone search relevant records?), and it seems like 580 or so of Coffee Dad’s 586 tweets are coffee related.

*UPDATE* We’ve got more. Matt (@shmeelz) found this article about a man who is upset about the death of his son, who was killed in a motorcycle accident. It doesn’t end there. This was the last tweet from @CoffeeDadsSon, and it happened on March 16th:


The rest of the tweets about Coffee Dad’s son:

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