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My Sort Of Pro-Nick Foles Chip Kelly Email

I’ve gotten a lot of heat over the last several weeks, and perhaps deservedly so, for being negative about Nick Foles.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m generally more negative about the people that insist Nick Foles is Joe Montana or Tom Brady than I am about Nick Foles.

He is playing much better than I ever imagined. It’s been impressive. There is still something about the “eye test” and his arm that don’t pass the sniff test to me, especially given how immobile he is, but time will likely prove me right or wrong on that.

In any case…

Kenny Brock is currently the producer of The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio (can be heard locally on 610AM). Kenny used to work here at WIP, where he would write some things for CBS Philly dot com.

In November of 2012, Kenny wrote a prophetic piece on Chip Kelly being the next Eagles coach. We went through several revisions, but one sticking point was that Kenny believed Michael Vick HAD to be the quarterback. I tried to back him off that stance. Otherwise the article has proven to be SPOT ON.

Kenny actually found the email, and I thought it was pretty funny given the current situation.

You can follow Kenny on Twitter @KBrockJr. You can read his great college football stuff HERE. 

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Eagles Vs. Lions Preview (Are The Eagles Good?)


Better late than never, right?

Time’s Yours is on Thursday this week, rather than Monday. Sorry for the delay!

Spike and Lee discuss the Eagles second half offensive struggles, whether or not they’re ‘good’, the progress of Nick Foles, and just how many of the remaining four games they’ll win.

Warm It Up with Chris Johnson is great as always, with some Johnny Football and McNabb talk.

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Conroy: The Eagles Have Cancelled the Apocalypse

What If
Michael Conroy is a freelance sportswriter and Flyers fan, and a guest writer for Spike Eskin Dot Com. You can find him on Twitter @MichaelConroyPM.

By now, the Eagles’ victory over the Washington (Professional Football Team) last Sunday has been covered from every conceivable angle. While the outcome was sweet for Philadelphia fans everywhere, I can’t shake this feeling that we’ve all missed out on something special; absolutely horrifying, but special.

When Brandon Boykin came down in the endzone with an errant Robert Griffin III throw, I exhaled for the first time in about 27 minutes. While a cool wave of overwhelming relief washed over me, I felt as if something disappeared from a hundred polaroid photos, somewhere, à la Back to the Future. I think it’s time we take a moment to mourn the loss of a week that might have been, had RGIII completed his improbable comeback.

If you really think about it, what happened in the fourth quarter of last week’s game could have been the biggest swing in the NFL’s recent history. I think about all of the consequences that might have unfolded following an overtime Eagles loss and am truly mesmerized. Think I’m being melodramatic? Let’s examine the possibilities together, shall we?

What If the Eagles Had Lost?

Chip Kelly’s system isn’t right for the NFL…again

Oh, sure the Eagles had another game where they piled up yards like calories in soda cans. Those calories, much like the Eagles’ brand of yards are a bit hollow and offer very little in the way of substance. I mean really think about it: Are the team’s bevy of 20+ yard plays truly leading to points on a consistent enough basis? Games are won on the scoreboard, not the stat sheet and Chip Kelly’s proven that he’s got it where it doesn’t count.

Another glaring hole in his strategy is his inability to run this offense with a lead. Time and time again this season, we’ve seen him close up shop and head home early in the 3rd quarter. That’s simply unacceptable at the professional level. NFL games are quite literally won and lost in the second half. His team now sports a slightly lucky 5-6 record and he’ll be coaching USC before you know it.

Nick Foles is not a “closer”

We’ve seen Nickfolean Dynamite light up the sky in the first halves of meaningless games against bad teams. That doesn’t prove anything in the NFL. What Foles HAS proven, if anything in his young career, is this: When faced with an big game in which the meticulously constructed “plan” is no longer effective, he’s got nothing else to offer.

Nick Foles has benefited from a new system and it’s many cheap gimmicks on his way to a farce of a three game stretch. The arm strength, IQ and mobility just aren’t there to bail out the offense when things don’t go according to plan.

Billy Davis loses his job

That’s all she wrote, folks. Billy Davis’s defense yielded yet again in a crucial moment, proving just how fluky the preceding performances against inferior opponents were. His blitzes are ill-timed and he just doesn’t have a strong understanding of the personnel he’s working with. You can’t leave Roc Carmichael on an island with constant blitzes all game long and watch a 24 point 4th quarter lead melt away.

More than likely, Chip Kelly looks for a replacement in the offseason. The Eagles use Davis just as they used Sean McDermott as their proverbial scapegoat at the end of the year. Sorry, Bill, we just don’t “trust you” anymore.

The locker room falls apart

You think that the —skins are rotting from within right now? Think about the finger pointing that would have gone on had the Eagles come away losers last Sunday. What leadership would step up and inspire the team to overcome their strife? Who would silence the chaos in the locker room?

Nick Foles isn’t the leader of this team. He’s not standing up on a table and rallying the troops. Demeco Ryans has made it clear that he leads by example. I don’t expect the team to honor his silence and workmanlike attitude in the wake of this collapse.

LeSean McCoy is a fiery guy and might just be the most outraged member of an all-around angry team. Couldn’t you see him totally pulling an Andre Johnson routine? Desean Jackson probably would have decided this season isn’t worth getting hurt over when the —skins made it 24-24. (okay, okay. That was unfair. DJacc’s been balling out this season.)

436 days and counting

This loss would have guaranteed Philadelphia at least another 14 days of “…since the Eagles have won a home game” material and I, for one, simply hadn’t had enough of that yet. Think of the possibilities: “10,000,000 babies have been born since the Eagles have won a home game.” “x amount of Marvel movies have been released since the Eagles have won a home game.” On second thought, maybe we’ll file this one under things we can be glad we missed out on.

Angelo Cataldi retires

Would the morning show on 94WIP ever be better than it was that Monday morning? Would Angelo ever be able to achieve such a euphoria for the rest of his career? I seriously doubt it.

He’d have former players, drunk fans, mayors, governors and presidents of foreign countries on the line. He’d drag damning criticisms our of reluctant writers and reporters until they physically removed him from the studio. Angelo would break a guinness world record for staging the largest organized profane sign smuggling event in the history of America. This, I have to admit is my greatest regret from Sunday.

Spike Eskin eats his cat

Understandably, Spike was going to bolt the doors and hold up in his home until the end of the world had blown over. As he had forgotten to go shopping for food prior to the game, it looked like there might be feline casualties. It was just something he’d have to live with and I respect that. Luckily for the cat and decent, animal loving human beings everywhere, this situation was avoided. Thank god Brandon Boykin can catch.


As I’ve said, the win was nice to have, and it’s one we absolutely had to have, but there’s no denying the fact that we’ve all missed out on something truly remarkable. Philadelphia might never see a quarter of football as potentially damaging as the one they escaped on Sunday. At the very least, we won’t before our next Super Bowl run. We’re all just stranded here in some strange limbo, a world created only in the absence of a destined sports apocalypse that never was. For now, I can only sit and wonder what might have been.


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Time’s Yours Podcast: Chip Kelly’s Undoing (Or Is It Tebow Time?)

Time's Yours


Spike and Lee discuss why in the world Michael Vick was playing, Chip Kelly’s questionable decisions, Vick sitting on the bench, and how long it will be until Eagles fans demand Jon Gruden.

Also, the return of Chris Johnson!

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Conroy: Kelly Is Above The Foles, Below Expectations

Michael Conroy is a freelance sportswriter and Flyers fan, and a guest writer for Spike Eskin Dot Com. You can find him on Twitter @MichaelConroyPM.

It was a revelation,  in more ways than one. The Dallas Cowboys saddled up and rode into the ever so inviting Lincoln Financial Field for a matinee pummeling of a helpless Philly team. During the game, two major issues concerning the Eagles became apparent; as usual, it was the coach and the quarterback.

Above the Foles

When Chip Kelly first spoke about the Eagles quarterback position, he was quick to point out that his system can be tailored to fit the skillset of any player on his roster. It took only seven games to determine that, unless you’re dealing with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning level talent, this simply is not the case.

When Nick Foles entered the game vs. the New York Giants a few weeks prior to Sunday’s thrashing, he seemed to run the offense well enough. When the sophomore quarterback carved up Tampa Bay’s secondary the following week, it seemed as if the genius of Chip Kelly’s system could prevail in any scenario. Alas, not even the vaunted Oregon offense could offer an answer to what the Eagles faced against the Cowboys on Sunday; man coverage.

The Philadelphia Eagles do not have the personnel to execute an effective passing attack against tight man coverage without a quarterback who can run. The reason this took until week seven to seem relevant is because this was the first time the opposing team game planned for a quarterback who, when every defender turned their back to run, could not make them pay.

With receivers who struggle to get off the line of scrimmage, there’s only one reason to allow the Eagles a free release. That is the threat that a running quarterback presents. So, unless Chip Kelly’s planning on drafting the next Tom Brady, (a silly thing to bank on any year) or three wide receivers who can beat NFL corners off the line, the right quarterback for this iteration of the Philadelphia Eagles is one who can run.

With that in mind, the Nick Foles era seems to have vanished, lost within the archives of “Almost Philadelphia Sports History.” At least, if Foles does manage to have a successful career in the NFL, one cannot reasonably assume it will be with Chip Kelly’s Eagles.

Below the Foles

While Foles issue is a deeply troubling development in its own right (for oh so many people), it can’t hold a candle to what’s going on in South Philly of late. Bubbling, quietly beneath the surface issues concerning the Philadelphia Eagles this season, is a volatile solution of compromised goals and withering ambition. This is the sad state of Chip Kelly.

Sunday, facing 4th and 1 on the opponent’s side of the field, I watched a grown man with a headset send Alex Henery out to kick a 60 yard field goal. The ensuing miss left Tony Romo with great field position and almost a minute to drive down and expand on his lead.

Coach is a mess. He’s simply not who many of us, including this writer, expected him to be at this point.

While some of his conservative play calling can be excused by the current quarterback situation, there are other factors to consider. The offense that Oregon made so famous relies heavily on post-snap reading of a defense. This is to say that the skill position players, out running routes on any given play, need reps too. They may need them even more than the quarterback in order to master the more complicated aspects of this offense. In recent weeks, the vanilla play calling has served nobody in that respect.

Chip Kelly’s game day coaching has also taken a shocking turn for the conventional. What ever happened to the fourth down number crunching, two-point conversion policy-having pioneer who was set to test the boundaries of this game? Maybe those ideas didn’t make it into Chip’s final cut of his 2013 Eagles’ master plan. You may even think it’s reasonable to hold off for a year on the more radical strategies a coach plans to employ.

Here’s the problem with that line of thinking: Chip Kelly is now almost half of a season into what is usually a two-three year grace period that any given coach can expect to be afforded. During that allotted time, he’s been given the authority, by almost any means, to sculpt an NFL version of his system. If he doesn’t hit the lottery with his quarterback selection this off-season, and he ends up spending all of next season testing what he should have been now, Kelly will likely face a make-or-break 2015. In a flash, everything that Chip Kelly could have been in the NFL might disappear.

This past off-season, there were a number of capable NFL coaches on the Eagles’ radar. But Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie flew across the country, meeting for over nine hours to recruit a very specific candidate. They chose a man who they thought added something unique to their organization. It’s hard to believe the Eagles are pleased with the return they’ve gotten on that investment so far.

We simply must hope that Chip Kelly’s belief in his system and its potential at the professional level is as firm as it ever was. If the NFL has already beaten that idealism out of the rookie coach, and he isn’t totally committed, how can he expect that commitment from his players? How can the Philadelphia Eagles expect that commitment from their fans?

This year could have been anything. It could have been a struggle. It could have been hard to watch. One thing we all were certain of, however, was that things would at least be different. What Philadelphia Eagles fans are witnessing right now is all too familiar.


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Conroy: Who Stole Chip Kelly?

Chip Kelly
Michael Conroy is a freelance sportswriter and Flyers fan, and a guest writer for Spike Eskin Dot Com. You can find him on Twitter @MichaelConroyPM.

Coaching is the art of cultivating a process, through trial and error, that yields positive results. In the NFL, though, the final results of games are anything but reliable data. Sample sizes are smaller than they are in any other American sport. Fluke wins, upsets and one possession games are the bread and butter of 21st century football. Whether you want to call that parity or just maddening inconsistency is completely up to you. Knowing how difficult it can be to find truly bankable results, it is more important than ever for an NFL head coach to believe in his process.

The NFL has shaken Chip Kelly’s belief in his process.

Most fans of the Philadelphia Eagles came into this season with measured expectations. We knew this was most likely not a Super Bowl team. There were simply too many holes in the roster. With that in mind, you had to think that, in the first year of a new coaching regime, there would be some growing pains.

The Eagles were always going to lose their fair share of contests this season, so what was everybody so darn excited about?

For one, the Eagles had cleaned house in multiple areas, and brought in fresh faces to take the reigns. Whatever was going to happen this season would be fundamentally different from the past 14 seasons in Philadelphia. Secondly, and most importantly, the new head coach was bringing something with him to the NFL that we had never seen before. This was not a radically fast-paced offense or sarcastic dealings with the media. What Chip Kelly was bringing with him was a way of thinking. At his core, Chip Kelly believes in a different way of running a football team.

At Oregon, Kelly molded a process and the results were undeniable. Calculated risk taking, confoundedly simple methods of play calling and a dominating disrespect for “the way things are done” at any level. This man was a pioneer and the Eagles were going to spend the next few years giving him a rare opportunity to set out and make waves. In the name of that mission and of progress, we were more than happy to sacrifice this season and maybe even the next. This was a football pilgrimage that gave us a final destination we could all believe in.

Last Sunday, Chip Kelly seemed like a man struggling with doubt. Repeated opportunities to apply his process of calculated aggression and unconventional methods presented themselves and his nerve fell by the wayside. This isn’t Madden 25. We all understand that. Nobody is expecting the Eagles to line up in the Shotgun formation on 4th and 7 from their own 23 yard line, but when you go into Denver to play Peyton Manning, you’d better be prepared to pull out all of the stops.

While Manning and his troops marched up and down the field without contest, the Eagles shriveled into a shell. There was no sign of that fearless tactician from Oregon on the sideline. Choosing to trade touchdowns for field goals with the best team in the league, Chip Kelly played it safe and eased conservatively into a 52-20 drubbing. The final score of that game could have been exactly the same had Kelly thrown the kitchen sink at the Broncos. They are the far more talented team and it’s simply not close. What’s important here, however is that the Philadelphia Eagles abandoned their process; they abandoned what makes them different from any other terrible NFL team. For Chip Kelly to do so this early into his first season is a betrayal.

The Philadelphia Eagles probably will not win many games over the next two seasons. That much is to be expected when transitioning from relative golden age in the Andy Reid era. Still, any amount of losses the Eagles sustain in that time needs to be in service of something. If Chip Kelly can embrace that notion and use this grace period to truly commit to his process in Philadelphia, he has a chance to do some real damage at the professional level. If what happened in Denver on Sunday is an omen of waivering that is to come, he may simply become one of many who “tried” to change the NFL.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: OMAHA! Where Are Chip’s Big Balls?


Wow, what an ugly, worst case scenario the Eagles loss to the Broncos was. Thank goodness we all got to end the night by watching (SPOILER ALERT!) a mass killing of nazis by a meth kingpin!

Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the loss to Denver, where did Chip’s balls have gone, torture lee with clips of Howie Roseman, and the Breaking Bad finale (don’t worry, we warn you).

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Holy Crap! Eagles vs. Washington

Time's Yours

HOLY CRAP! Did you see that first quarter?!

The Chip Kelly era is here, and it looks legit. Spike, Lee and Chris talk about the game, whether Vick can stay healthy, sconce jokes, and whether we have new outlooks on the season.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: Eagles Season Preview (With A Splash Of Prometheus)


It’s back!

The original (Eagles-centric) Time’s Yours podcast is back with Spike, Lee and Chris.

In this season’s first episode, we talk about the start of the Chip Kelly era, Michael Vick, the potentially terrible defense, Lee goes off on Howie Roseman, and we talk about the time Spike got into a fight at the movies because some jerk butt in line at Prometheus. It’s special.

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