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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: A Very Sixers Farewell To Davies, And Celebration Of Bob


We bid a fond farewell to Brandon Davies, start a war with the NBA After Dark podcast, and bathe in the glory of Big Shot Bob Covington.

Also I’d like to take a moment, as I mentioned in the podcast, to point you toward THIS GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN. Nicole is 10 years old, and in the fight of her life with leukemia. She is close to me and my wife, and if you have a spare few bucks to help out her and her family during the next couple of years of chemotherapy, please visit the site and donate. If you’re not able, your thoughts and prayers are welcome and very much appreciated. Again, the link is HERE. I shaved my head to make her feel better about that process, and you can see that ridiculousness here. 

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