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The Master List Of 2013 MLB Bobblehead Giveaways

It’s probably needless to say for someone who spent the time going to each MLB team’s individual promotional schedules, but I enjoy bobblehead nights.  And this season, the MLB teams have a combined 95 bobblehead nights.

Most are current players, but you have the occasional broadcaster (Cardinals announcer Mike Shannon, complete with a sound chip in the bobble), mascot (Mr. Met is knitting in his as part of Stitch N Pitch, because who doesn’t want to go to a baseball game and knit scarves and hats – this is real) and retired player (the A’s Reggie Jackson looks the coolest, although the Rangers Nolan Ryan bobble picture isn’t available yet).

Some other highlights include a Dodgers Rick Monday bobble honoring the time he ran onto the field to stop fans from burning the American Flag:

Hanley Ramirez’s “I see you” bobble (what?)

Hanley Ramirez

and a Coco Crisp “Coco lean” bobble (what? again)

Coco Crisp

The Royals are giving out a series of Ketchup, Mustard and Relish bobbles.

Ketchup Relish Mustard

Winner of the Most Ironic bobble has to be the Brewer’s Ryan Braun bobble sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, because that’s how he got so strong, not from all of those (alleged) PEDs.

Ryan Braun

Those relevant to the Phillies include the Ruiz and Hamels bobbles that the Phillies are giving away, a Juan Pierre Marlins 20th Anniversary bobble and, not a bobblehead, but the Cubs are giving away a Ryno the Rhino Build-A-Bear.  While we’re talking non-bobblehead promotional giveaways, the Giants are giving away wine bottle stoppers, a full set including each of their announcers.

Giants Announcers bottle stoppers

The Dodgers and Brewers are leaders in the clubhouse, each with 10 bobblehead nights, followed by the Rockies with 9, although they haven’t announced what any of those 9 bobbles will be.

The Red Sox don’t have any bobblehead nights announced, and the Yankees, Padres, Orioles and Astros have only announced 1 each.

My favorite so far?  Reggie Jackson, but the Harold Baines ChiSox is right there too.

April 6th – Giants vs Cardinals – Buster Posey

April 7th – Brewers vs Diamondbacks – Norichika Aoki

April 13th – Nationals vs Braves – TBD

April 13th – Padres vs Rockies – Chase Headley

April 13th – Angels vs Astros – Mike Trout

April 20th – Reds vs Marlins – Brandon Phillips

April 20th – Pirates vs Braves – Andrew McCutchen

April 20th – Astros vs Indians – Jose Altuve

April 21st – Mets vs Nationals – Ron Darling

April 21st – Rays vs Athletics – Astro (David Price’s dog)

April 21st – Rockies vs Diamondbacks – TBD (20th Anniversary)

April 21st – Brewers vs Cubs – George Scott

April 21st – Blue Jays vs Yankees – Edwin Encarnacion

April 27th – White Sox vs Rays – Harold Raines

April 27th – Athletics vs Orioles – Reggie Jackson

April 28th – Cardinals vs Pirates – Carlos Beltran

April 30th – Dodgers vs Rockies – Hanley Ramirez (“I See You”?)

May 4th – Royals vs White Sox – Billy Butler

May 5th – Brewers vs Cardinals – Corey Hart

May 5th – Rockies vs Rays – TBD (20th Anniversary)

May 10th – Twins vs Orioles – Josh Willing”hammer”

May 11th – Mets vs Pirates – Mr. Met knitting

May 11th – Reds vs Brewers – Aroldis Chapman

May 11th – White Sox vs Angels – Paul Konerko

May 14th – Dodgers vs Nationals – Matt Kemp

May 16th – Angels vs White Sox – Mark Trumbo

May 18th – Pirates vs Astros – AJ Burnett

May 19th – Rockies vs Giants – TBD (20th Anniversary)

May 21st – Rangers vs Athletics – Nolan Ryan

May 25th – Mariners vs Rangers – Felix Hernandez

May 25th – Mets vs Braves – John Franco

May 25th – Dodgers vs Cardinals – Jamie Jarrin

May 25th – Royals vs Angels – Ketchup

May 26th – Brewers vs Pirates – Ryan Braun (sponsored by Wisc Milk Marketing Board)

May 26th – Giants vs Rockies – Barry Zito

May 30th – Braves vs Blue Jays – Freddie Freeman

June 1st – Indians vs Rays – Albert Belle

June 1st – Diamondbacks vs Cubs – Darwin Barney (with 1,000 gold bobbleheads. thanks @AnswerDave!)

June 2nd – Rockies vs Dodgers – TBD (20th Anniversary)

June 4th – Phillies vs Marlins – Carlos Ruiz

June 5th – Reds vs Rockies – Mat Latos

June 6th – Dodgers vs Braves – Don Sutton

June 8th – Diamondbacks vs Giants – Aaron Hill

June 9th – Brewers vs Phillies – Carlos Gomez

June 11th – Rangers vs Indians – Yu Darvish

June 16th – Rockies vs Phillies – TBD (20th Anniversary)

June 20th – Angels vs Mariners – CJ Wilson

June 20th – Braves vs Mets – BJ Upton

June 22nd – Royals vs White Sox – Mustard

June 22nd – Cubs vs Astros – Edwin Jackson

June 22nd – Giants vs Marlins – Ryan Vogelsong

June 23rd – Nationals vs Rockies – TBD

June 23rd – Brewers vs Braves – Polish Racing Sausage

June 27th – Dodgers vs Phillies – Sandy Koufax

June 29th – Athletics vs Cardinals – Coco Crisp (Coco lean)

June 30th – Marlins vs Padres – Juan Pierre (20th anniversary of franchise)

June 30th – Mets vs Nationals – Davie Wright

June 30th – Rockies vs Giants – TBD (20th Anniversary)

July 3rd – Reds vs Giants – Todd Frazier

July 5th – Cardinals vs Marlins – Mike Shannon (voice of the Cardinals)

July 6th – Rays vs White Sox – Evan Longoria

July 7th – Blue Jays vs Twins – JC Arencibia

July 7th – Brewers vs Mets – Hank Aaron

July 8th – Indians vs Tigers – Omar Vizquel

July 11th – Dodgers vs Rockies – Adrian Gonzalez

July 14th – Tigers vs Rangers – Justin Verlander

July 19th – Twins vs Indians – Joe Mauer/ Justin Morneau double bobble

July 20th – Nationals vs Dodgers – TBD

July 20th – Royals vs Tigers – Relish

July 21st – Mets vs Phillies – Dwight Gooden

July 21st – Rockies vs Cubs – TBD (20th Anniversary)

July 25th – Dodgers vs Reds – Vin Scully

July 28th – Rockies vs Brewers – TBD (20th Anniversary)

August 3rd – Cubs vs Dodgers – Kyuji Fujikawa

August 4th – Marlins vs Indians – Mike Lowell (10th anniversary of World Series win)

August 4th – Brewers vs Nationals – Harvey Kuenn

August 6th – Reds vs Athletics – Joey Votto

August 10th – Diamondbacks vs Mets – Paul Goldschmidt

August 10th – Dodgers vs Rays – Hideo Nomo

August 10th – White Sox vs Twins – Ron Kittle

August 10th – Mariners vs Brewers – Ken Griffey Jr.

August 11th – Blue Jays vs Athletics – Brett Lawrie

August 17th – Athletics vs Indians – Yoenis Cespedes

August 21st – Phillies vs Rockies – Cole Hamels

August 25th – Mets vs Tigers – Tom Seaver

August 27th – Dodgers vs Cubs – Rick Monday (Flag saving)

August 31st – Cubs vs Phillies – Anthony Rizzo

September 1st – Brewers vs Angels – Gorman Thomas

September 12th – Dodgers vs Giants – Magic Johnson

September 13th – Cardinals vs Mariners – Mike Matheny

September 14th – Diamondbacks vs Rockies – Miguel Montero

September 15th – Brewers vs Reds – Ben Oglivie

September 17th – Tigers vs Mariners – Miguel Cabrera

September 25th – Rockies vs Red Sox – TBD (20th Anniversary)

September 25th – Yankees vs Rays – Snoopy

September 29th – Orioles vs Red Sox – Fans’ Choice

Chris Johnson is the Promotions Director for 94WIP, co-host of What’s The Word on Phillies 24/7, as well as co-host of the Time’s Yours Podcast. He loves bobbleheads. Follow him @chrisjohnsonjr.

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