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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Eagles … So What Now?

It’s only fitting that a season that began with such promise, evolved into such frustration, is ending with a combination of both.

Lee Russakoff and I discuss, “what now?” with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Philadelphia Eagles, Team Of Destiny

Well, you never know, right?

The defense looked great for the second straight week, and Michael Vick found out that Brent Celek is on the team. The Eagles have won two in a row, and they ain’t dead yet.

Lee Russakoff and I break down the game, and why people in Philly feel the need to say that they don’t want the Eagles to make the playoffs. We also try to figure out what kind of chance they actually have of doing it.

P.S. I’ll be guest hosting the Nick and Artie Show next Thursday night (12/29) with none other than Howard Eskin. The show is on 10pm until 1am. It doesn’t air in Philadelphia, but you can listen at nickandartie.com.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Eagles, 8-8 For Excellence

Two important things happened with yesterday’s Eagles win over the Dolphins.

First, they started off 1-0 in the “new season” that Asante Samuel claimed started yesterday.

Second, Lee Russakoff realized that he doesn’t want to lose Andy Reid. I couldn’t believe my ears.

We talk about those things, what the real chances are that the Eagles wind up in the playoffs, and whether signing Michael Vick was a good idea.

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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Putting Andy Reid In A Better Position

Matt (@_mattmac) said he was inspired by our friend Marc (@mleif), who suggested that Andy Reid may need to physically, himself, be put in a better position. He was inspired. Here are some better positions than the one Andy is in now.

Even being thrown to the lions in 300, Andy would be in a better position.

Attacked by Jaws? Yeah, probably better than the position he’s in here. At least this Jaws doesn’t come with Jon Gruden.Roy Scheider says “better position.”

Being shot out of a canon would suck, but having to do another one of those post-game press conferences would suck more. Verdict? Better position.

Being attacked by Godzilla seems horrible. But Governor Rendell says this is the version with Jason Bieber in it.

Having an atomic bomb land on you would make for a terrible day, but having to go to practice and see DRC, probably worse. The survey says … better position.

Having your feet burned by the lava from a volcano seems like the worst possible position, but having a quarterback who thinks throwing four interceptions is “pretty good,” is slightly worse. Jury’s decision … better position.

Most people would define getting eaten by a polar bear at the zoo as a bad position, it is. But getting eaten by a polar bear is a better position than any position Nate Allen has been in all year.

Being swept up into a tornado is undeniably a bad position. But when compared to managing DeSean Jackson, it’s without question a better position.

Being punched in the back by a Mike Tyson in his prime? That’s a bad position. Going to work every day and seeing the guy in charge of your defense is an offensive line coach, well that’s worse. This is a better position.







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The Degenerate: Week 13, The Friday Pick – Da Bears


Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I didn’t have time to write up a manifesto this week, but I did make a pick.

Is this the end of the road for Andy?

Last night.. well last night was a debacle. Vince Young threw four INT’s, Marshawn Lynch and Tarvaris Jackson shredded the Eagles defense and the Eagles dropped another one 31-14. And the icing on the cake, a late 4th quarter pick six from Vince Young put the game over the 43.5 total and we lost our Thursday pick. Terrible night all around. Shady played ok, but that’s about the extent of the good news from the Seattle game.

I think now’s the time to jump on the “lose them all and get a high draft pick” bandwagon. Next week the Eagles go to Miami, so we might actually steal a win there. Just what we need, finishing like 7-9, not making the playoffs and getting a 15-20 slotted draft pick. Just lose out, finish 4-12 and get a top 5 pick, please? Can you do that for me Andy?

Onto the Sunday pick.

Pick #1 (a.k.a The “Tyler Palko vs. Caleb Hanie, seriously?” pick) Chicago Bears -7 over KC Chiefs

Caleb Hanie? I loved you in Good Will Hunting.

This week was tough to handicap. Lots of weird lines. Patriots laying 21 to Colts? I know that Pats will win, and probably win big, but laying 21 points? I’m not sure about that. That seems like a backdoor cover waiting to happen.

Saints giving seven points to the Lions? I’d say without Suh the Lions defense would have a tough time shutting down Brees. And it’s in New Orleans, so that makes you lean even more to the Saints. But Eli threw for almost 400 yards, I know alot was in garbage time, but still. Stafford and Calvin Johnson could have a big day. I’m staying away.

Then I focused on the Bears / Chiefs game. All signs would make you think that taking the seven points in a game of bad QB’s would be the play. The QB situation is a mess for both teams. For Chicago, Jay Cutler is out for the season with a broken hand, so in steps playoff hero (almost) Caleb Hanie. But after his showing last week against the Raiders (two TD’s, three INT’s) don’t fault the Bears fans for jumping off the bandwagon so soon.

Tyler! Do NOT throw the ball!

But on the other hand, the Chiefs are in a similar boat with Tyler Palko. He has started the last two games, and in those games? How about zero TD’s and six INT’s. Kansas City signed Kyle Orton last week, and there are rumors that he will be playing this week. Will he pass along the secrets of the Bears offense and defense (ala Kevin Kolb vs. the Eagles)? Maybe, he did play in Chicago, but that was 3 years ago (2008). Orton is a better QB, but is he ready to step in and lead the Chiefs after a week? I’d say no, not yet. But if Palko starts cold I wouldn’t be surprised if Orton got some snaps.

I’m still liking the Bears in this one. I think a combination of a bad Chiefs offense and a strong Bears defense will be enough to shut down KC on Sunday.

Chicago is 5th in defensive efficiency, KC is 30th in offensive efficiency. I think the Chiefs will have a hard time scoring points on Sunday against the Bears. In their last four games they have scored three, ten, three and nine points. That’s pretty bad. Now they go on the road to Chicago. And oh yeah, it’s going to be in the 30’s on Sunday with a 40% chance of snow at Soldier Field.

This should play well into the Bears plan. I expect alot of Matt Forte on Sunday. I know the Caleb Hanie experiment didn’t work out too well last week, but the Bears remember how good he played in the NFC Championship game, so he has the talent. Maybe coming back home will help.

The Chiefs defense is ranked 21st (18th against the run, 27th against the pass). So Matt Forte 1st, Caleb Hanie play action passing 2nd, would be a decent game plan.

Expect lots of Forte on Sunday

Forte’s numbers haven’t been too good since his huge game against the Eagles in Week 9, but I expect him to break out against a bad Chiefs defense.

And then there’s Devin Hester. The true wildcard, he could break one and get a special teams TD, or at least set up the Bears offense with great field position.

I think all the signs (bad QB’s, good Chicago D, snow, Forte) point to a low scoring game, with the Bears dominating on defense, and letting Matt Forte do his thing. I expect Caleb Hanie to have a decent game, maybe even throw a TD. We’ll see some field goals, maybe a defensive TD thrown in for good measure.  This game opened at Chicago -9, and has dropped to -7, so the price is right. And if you have a line of -7, do yourself a favor and buy it down to 6.5, if you can.

How about the Monsters of the Midway show up in the snow and knock off the Chiefs. I’ll say Bears win 24-10.

Also, I’m seeing 64% of pointspread action going to the Chiefs and you know what, I like that. I’ve been riding the public too much this season, I’m happy to make a pick that goes against the popular opinion.

Let’s get it done on Sunday.

The Line: Chicago -7, O/U 37.5
The Pick: Chicago -7

So, who is the bigger 2011 disappointment, the Eagles or the Phillies?





Season Record: 16-13. You can see all my picks for the 2011 season documented here.

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Time’s Yours Podcast: The Eagles Find The Bottom

I sent a text to Lee Russakoff this morning that said “do you still want to do this today? I don’t even know what to talk about besides DeSean Jackson.”

The Eagles finally beat the life out of me. As it turned out, Lee wanted to do the podcast in part to talk about our debate over peanut butter vs. cream cheese. Then we got to the Eagles.

Man, they suck.

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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Baby DeSean Jackson

Follow Matt on Twitter for other great work that may not be suitable for the website @_mattmac.

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The Degenerate: Week 13 Thursday Night Pick, U-G-L-Y

So, I’ve had this Eagles / Seahawks game circled on my calendar ever since the Eagles started 1-4. Based on my crazy wishful thinking back in October, this was the week that the Eagles would overtake the Giants and get into 1st place. I had the Giants losing a bunch of their recent games (they did drop three of their last four, so I was right about that), the Eagles would be surging and a win this week over Seattle, coupled with a Giants loss this Sunday vs Green Bay, would move the Birds into 1st place. Well, that sorta didn’t turn out like I planned.

I finally have an excuse to use this Vince Young picture.

Now we’re stuck with a Thursday Night NFL Network primetime matchup of 4-7 teams, and who’s leading the charge you ask?? Well, it’s Vince Young and Tarvaris Jackson.

To the rest of America, I will say… I’m sorry you have to sit through this.

But I’m an Eagles fan and I’ll watch every play of this game, no matter how painful it becomes. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of listening to the Eagles/Patriots game on the radio, the ‘theater of the mind’, every word from Merrill Reese that poured out of the speakers had me visualizing Tom Brady ripping apart the Eagles defense, or what was supposed to be a defense. The ‘Fire Andy’ chants were short-lived but loud when the did happen, I heard them clear as day on my radio. The natives are getting restless. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but can we just give up on the Juan Castillo Experience already? Enough of this. I’m half expecting Jeff Lurie to pull back the curtain and let us in on his own personal Truman Show.

That Patriots game was ugly. But this week if the Eagles can recover and get a win, improve to 5-7 and… move one game closer to ending the season.

But in brighter news, we went 3-1 last week with the picks. 2-1 on Thanksgiving Day and another Monday Night winner (7-3 on the season on Monday nights).

So stick with us and we’ll recap our Week 12 picks, then we’ll breakdown the Eagles/Seahawks and make a pick in that one. You’re gonna watch it, so you might as well bet on it, right? (for amusement purposes only, obviously)

Week 12 Revisited

It was a good week.

Like I said earlier, the picks went 3-1 last week. It was a pretty nice weekend. Even I was a little surprised at how easily the Packers and Saints covered, Baltimore defense did what I expected and shut down the 49ers. The Cowboys? Well, when I need them to score a bunch of points, they can only manage 20. F the Cowboys.

We’re 16-12 overall on the season, not too bad (All of the 2011 picks are documented here.). And that number includes losing 5 out of 6 games a few weeks ago. Let’s hope we keep the momentum going this week, starting with our pick for the Thursday Night Eagles game…

Thursday Night Football

TNF Bet #1: (a.k.a “The 2nd String is now the 1st String” pick): Eagles / Seahawks UNDER 43.5

Juan, 'just tackle the guy with the ball' isn't one of our defensive formations.

As soon as I started thinking about this Eagles / Seahawks game on Monday my first thought was to go with the UNDER. Both teams are struggling offensively, the Eagles are pretty banged up and travelling out west and playing Thursday night after a Sunday beatdown like they got against the Patriots will not be easy.

This game opened as Eagles -3.5, O/U 45.5, and then everyone on the Eagles got hurt and the total dropped to 43.5, I wouldn’t be surprised if that total dropped to 43, or 42.5 by kickoff. The wiseguys, and the public at large, is wondering how the points will be scored. I know I am. This is the lowest total for an Eagles game this season.

First, the obvious statement, both teams aren’t playing that good this season and neither are fighting for a playoff spot. So it’s kind of hard to handicap two teams playing without any motivation. Then you factor in the injuries on the Eagles, the list is long and distinguished. Mike Vick and Jeremy Maclin are OUT. DRC is still OUT too (that could be a good thing, jk). Now Nnamdi and Shady McCoy are game time decisions? And in the ‘non-injury’ department DeSean Jackson has a bruised ego and is destined to not give 100% tonight. It’s a given that he doesn’t want to get hurt in a meaningless game and ruin his free agent value. So pretty much every decent player on the Eagles is banged up.

Seattle is coming in struggling on offense. Over the past 6 games they are only scoring 12 points a game, not good. FootballOutsiders.com has Seattle as the 26th ranked offense, 196 yards per game passing and 97 yards per game rushing. Not very potent. But the Eagles counter with the 19th ranked defense. So it’s a good thing Seattle sucks moving the ball. I mean I know Tom Brady tore them up last week, but is Tarvaris Jackson even half the QB of Tom Brady? I say no. Seattle’s leading receiver is Doug Baldwin (who?). Next is Ben Obomanu with 295 yards receiving on the year. Sidney Rice was their #1 WR but he’s out this week with a concussion.

Marshawn Lynch is the key tonight

Running the ball it’s all Marshawn Lynch. I think he is the only offensive weapon the Seahawks have. He started very slowly but has turned it on the past few weeks so he is someone to watch. But if Seattle sticks with the run game, that can only help the UNDER. I expect the Eagles to gameplan against Lynch and try to make Jackson beat them passing.

The Eagles offense is tough to predict. Started strong early in the year, but they have only put up 19 .5 points a game over the last 4 games. Vince Young has had some decent numbers last week but alot of it was in garbage time. He hasn’t been terrible in his two starts, but I wouldn’t want to rely on him with the game on the line.

I was hoping for alot of Shady on the ground this week but it looks like he will be a gametime decision with a sprained toe. I guess that might leave the RB duties to… Dion Lewis? Ronnie Brown? Well, Seattle has the #8 rush defense, so they would probably eat those 2 guys alive. So I expect Shady to play, mainly because the Eagles really don’t have a #2 back. And if Shady does play, he will be limited. Again, more reason to go UNDER.

So it seems like it will be up to DeSean Jackson to be the playmaker this week. Hopefully he will be mentally ready.

And former Seahawk Jason Babin gets himself Tweet of the Week honors with this one…


Distain, nice. That sounds like some Dirty Harry/Death Wish shit right there. Mike Holmgren better watch his back (Jason does know that Holmgren is out of Seattle and works for the Cleveland Browns now, right?)

Sportsbookspy.com is showing 56% of the action is going to the UNDER, so this pick is not original.

The trends are against us on this one: Seattle 4-1 OVER at home this year, and the Eagles are 9-2 OVER in their last 11 road games. But I’m bucking those trends tonight.

I think this game will be a borefest (sorry, but it’s true), with both offenses struggling to move the ball. Maybe a few big plays here and there but overall a slow paced game. The Eagles are still the better team and I think Andy has them ready to get a road win, 20-10 Eagles on top.

I would expect the Eagles to cover the 3.5 points, but I’m not taking a side. With this Eagles team, who knows what you will get.

The Line: Eagles -3.5,  O/U 43.5
The Pick: Eagles/Seahawks UNDER 43.5

Back on Friday with the Sunday pick.





Season Record: 16-12. You can see all my picks for the 2011 season documented here.

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Make Your Own Scumbag (Steve) Andy Reid Image


Thanks to my buddy Dave (aka Monk) who sent these along. Please post your below using the blank image. Best one gets … well, gets a follow Friday mention and a gold star. 


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