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Podcast: 94WIP Show From October 15th, 2013

Vick Foles

The QB controversy rages on!

I stay on team Vick, but with the caveat that the real genius here is Chip Kelly.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones was kind enough to join the show, as well as Chip Kelly expert Tony Granieri.

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Podcast: 94WIP Show From October 9th, 2013


The Spike Eskin Show is back in effect. The Phillies season is over, so my sort of weekly late night show on 94WIP is back on.

I fulfilled my dream of doing a show about a quarterback controversy, and was fully behind Michael Vick (thought it was really sort of anti-Foles and pro-Kelly).

About halfway through, Howard Eskin stops by and I tease him about Chip Kelly and Andy Reid. Felt like a fun show even though I flipped out a few times.

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Listen: 94WIP Show July 1st, 2013

Yes, it’s true! By subscribing to the Time’s Yours podcast you actually get my WIP shows as well. That is assuming you want them.

Guests are as follows:

11pm – Lee Russakoff of Phillies 24/7, follow on Twitter @LeeRussakoff

11:30pm – Howard Eskin, don’t follow on Twitter or I will never catch him

12am – Tzvi Twersky of Slam Magazine, follow on Twitter @TTwersky

1am – Mike Levin of Liberty Ballers, follow on Twitter @Michael_Levin

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Listen: 94WIP Show June 20th, 2013

Lebron James

The second half of the show was all about Lebron James and Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

The first half of the show combines Phillies, Papelbon, the greatest starting five since Magic/Bird, and some TV talk about James Gandolfini.

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12am hour features Scott Raab of Esquire magazine. Follow him on Twitter @ScottRaab64, and check out his book Whore Of Akron.

1am hour features the great Ange Goldstein talking WWE, follow him on Twitter @AngeGold.

By the way, this deserves its own link: probably the greatest call I’ve gotten this year. Meet Calvin, the Heat Hater:

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Listen To The 2012 Retrospective On 94WIP


What a year.

I explained it all in the post asking for people to participate in this, and then the first 15 minutes of the show.

Thanks again to everyone who listened and participated. Here’s to a 2013 without Jason Babin.

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10:00 – Intro

10:20 Top 5 Phillies Moments – Bob Sharpe (@RS2511)

10:40 Top 5 National Athletes – Ethan Giles (@Giles1228)

11:00 Top 5 Philly Sports Moments – Warrent Croxton (@WarrenCroxton)

11:20 Top 5 WWE Moments – Jake Kurz (@Jake8486)

11:40 Top 5 Philly Athletes – Michael Dick (@AllentownMike)

12:00 Worst 5 Philly Sports Moments – Lee Russakoff (@LeeRussakoff)

12:20 Top 5 Flyers Moments – Steve McDonald (@_spmcdonald)

12:40 Top 5 Sixers Moments – Derek Bodner (@DerekBodner)

1:00 Top 5 National Sports Moments – James Wagner (@wagssid)

1:20 Top 5 Eagles Moments – Jake Pavorsky (@JakePavorsky)

1:40 Top 5 things to look forward to in 2013 –  Matt Plunkett (@MattPlunkett)

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Co-Host My Final 94WIP Show Of 2012

radio microphone

It’s been quite a year.

Well I mean, as far as sports, it’s been a horrible year. But for me, it’s been pretty cool. Thanks mostly to you, I’ve been able to have a lot of fun on the radio in 2012.

As sort of a thank you, I’m going to ask eleven different people to co-host one segment of my final show in 2012, which will be Thursday, December 27th, from 10pm until 2am.

I’m going to break every segment of the show into a top five list. Each person will get to give their top five, and I’ll give my top five. It’ll be 15 (or so) minutes on the radio. It will be on the phone, because well, otherwise it’s pretty awkward when your 15 minutes are up.

I’m mostly going to pick people sort of randomly, and I’ll likely get more submissions than spots I have. That said, thanks for your interest (if you have any).

Here’s what you need to do be able to do:

* Be able to give me your top five list of any of the below topics (be prepared).

NOTE: I don’t need you to give me these now. And you’ll only do ONE of these.

* Be available for a 15 minute segment on Thursday night from 10p-2a (I will give you a specific time on Thursday morning if you’re chosen).

* Send me an email with ONLY the following information, your name, your phone number, and the ONE top five list that you think you’d be really bad at, so we can avoid that one. Send me an email with only this information in the email, and “Final 2012 Show” in the subject line. Send this email to spike.eskin@gmail.com.

* Send me your email by 9am on Wednesday (no later).


Top 5 Philly Sports Moments Of 2012

Worst 5 Philly Sports Moments Of 2012

Top 5 National Sports Moments Of 2012

Top 5 Sixers Moments Of 2012

Top 5 Phillies Moments Of 2012

Top 5 Flyers Moments Of 2012

Top 5 Eagles Moments Of 2012

Top 5 Movies Of 2012

Top 5 Albums Of 2012

Top 5 TV Shows Of 2012

Top 5 Athletes Of 2012 (Philly And National)


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Listen: Podcast Of 12.05.12 94WIP Show

Guests include:

11pm: Michael Baumann (@MJ_Baumann) of Crashburn Alley and Liberty Ballers

11:20ish: Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) of my family (we talk about the NHL, really)

12:00: Ange Gold (@angegold) to talk WWE and CM Punk

1:00: Roy Burton (@TheBSLine)  of Liberty Ballers to talk Sixers


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What Should I Ask Sixers President Rod Thorn?

I’m sitting in for Rob Ellis on 94WIP from 6pm-7 and post-game tonight, before and after the Sixers vs. the Utah Jazz.

Around 6:45, I’ll have the chance to interview Sixers President Rod Thorn.

As you may be aware, the NBA trade deadline is less than a week away. There’s been plenty of talk about whether the Sixers should or will make a move. It’s fair to say it’s a busy time for Mr. Thorn.

Aside from the questions that everyone asks, that we either know the answer to or he won’t answer, what would you like me to ask him.

I’ll try to avoid the following:

So, do the Sixers need a superstar?

Would you trade _________?

Are you going to get Dwight Howard?

Who are you talking to about trades?

If I had an hour with the guy, I’d ask him all of those questions, hoping that he’d slip up and say something noteworthy. But since I don’t, I figure it’s not worth the time. I should just ask him things he’ll answer.

Leave your ideas in the comments.


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Photoshop With Matt Mac: Spike’s First Day At His New Job

I went around and changed everyone’s screen saver. Kind of like when you go to Best Buy and change all of the radios to your favorite station (obviously 94WIP or KYW 1060).

First day was great. I talked about the Sixers with Ukee. I’ll be quiet on the internet this week, as I’m training on all kinds of stuff. But I’ll be back to my annoying self next week.

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