Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is a lifetime Philadelphia resident who has only cheered for other teams when he’s had the chance to win money. He graduated from Shippensburg University with a History degree and possibly a minor in Political Science. Lucky for you all he’s decided to bring his talents to Here’s everything you need to know about him via a Top 5 list:

  1. On Christmas Eve in 2006 he and hisfriend Beddis hit a 3 team parlay and won a few
    hundred dollars. They haven’t won since.
  2. He has a surplus of Jayson Werth bootleg (read: The Fightins, Zoo With Roy) shirts if
    anyone knows anyone who wants to buy one or six.
  3. He hate SABR stats. Like really hate. The only stats that he doesn’t hate are wins,
    RBIs and Home Runs. Oh, and WHIP.
  4. He was at the doubleheader against the Padres in 1993, the game where Wilt scored
    100, the Fog Bowl and Roy Halladay’s no-no last year.
  5. He hit an opposite field home run at age 10 while in TYA majors.

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