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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Sixers Hire Ned Cohen And Marc Eversley, Lottery Party Looms

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The Sixers hired some guys!

Bryan Colangelo hired a guy whose name is Ned and is almost impossible to find on the internet. It seems like he’s flirting with us. We discuss the hiring of Cohen and Eversley, what Bryan Colangelo actually does, Mike D’Antoni’s interview in Houston and what that means for Brett Brown, and we take Twitter questions.

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There are now TWO t-shirts. The original, and the Hinkie shirt, using a quote from his 13-page letter.

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  • rice&beans
    the brett brown lottery smile
    spike ? at 0:36 using Strapazoid kind of image

    lets go sixers

  • larrytate

    It’s official, Spike Eskin did his own Peter (the Apostle of J.C.) and forsaked Hinkie on his own podcast and while arguing with his co-host Mike Levin that Spike’s BOSS was probably right to call Hinkie fans a bunch of self-wiener-sucking circle-jerk freaks who are loud and obnoxious. This was of course AFTER they decided to continue supporting the perennial loser franchise owned by Josh Harris and his merry band of choke artists. I figured I’d give the podcast a second chance after I realized there were going to keep it going, instead of doing the RIGHT THING and changing the podcast to something better– perhaps a general NBA podcast where they could then make full fun of the Sixers pathetic typical-Philly single-championship-every-100-years type management. I figured they’d realize they were selling out, by supporting a Josh Harris that gave them the middle finger. Instead, they did what all dollar-and-fame hungry media-types do, they traded their soul in order to keep the podcast running. Hinkie had more sense, when he realized he was being put in the cellar, he quit instead of selling out. But not the RTRS. They didn’t even have to drop the mic, which would have been awesome. they COULD have, as I said, changed the podcast to not support the shittily-run Sixers as an organization, and changed to an all-NBA format, and I think they would have not only NOT lost a single listener (bc lets face it, everyone who listens was a fan of Hinkie), but gained a MUCH bigger audience, assuming they caught on with a bigger public– which they probably would have given all 29 other teams would have respected them MORE for giving up on a shitty homer-franchise in their own back yard. But again, they made the wrong choice– in spite of Mike Levin having the proper gut noise to just give up, and the proper outlook to now root AGAINST the Sixers (the organization, not the players).

    It’s one thing to sell out for the fame and fortune, but its quite another to forsake everything for which you believed, all in the span of a pathetic 10 minutes at the beginning of this podcast. Kudos for Levin for calling a spade a spade and at least not cowardly succombing to the psychotic rants of Philly’s biggest mentally challenged doosh-rocket Tony Bruno. Tony Bruno called Spike Eskin the following (DIRECTLY using his name):
    1. Lover of Frauds
    2. Strapper
    3. Guy who plays with himself
    4. dreamer of other men
    5. lunatic
    6. disturbed
    7. a national joke
    8. idiot
    9. circle-jerker at boy-toy meetings
    10. Loser
    11. embarrassing
    12. Strapezoid
    13. a joke
    14. laughable, professionally
    15. shameful
    16. know-nothing
    17. 20-something punk
    18. masturbator
    19. fronterunner
    20. nba salary junkie

    Here’s how Peter the Hinkie Apostle responded to this challenge of his own idenity not to mention his billboard-celebrated favorite Philly sports figure:

    1. I don’t agree with Tony but…

    2. I agree with Tony about everything.

    3. YOU don’t understand what my job’s place is within Philadelphia (are you kidding me? You’re irrelevant other than the podcast!)

    4. I think nothing less of Tony for his comments (swallows own johnson)

    5. Hinkie fans are absurd

    6. My billboard is absurd (the one I probably suckered L.L. Pavorsky in paying for– I guess when you forsake, you forsake all your closest confidantes)

    7. Hinkie fans are the most annoying people out there (wow, he just can’t stop forsaking his own community, at LEAST Judas got paid some silver as did Benedict Arnold)

    8. Tony’s words don’t actually mean what they say (?? He called you a know-nothing boy-toy meeting circlejerked loser!)

    9. Sixers fans are stubborn curmudgeons who can’t learn anything from debate or disagreement. Hence, the Sixers’s fan is an idiot.

    10. He then went on to explain how Hinkie moving on is probalby the best thing.

    Wow, been a long time since I saw anyone swallow another guy’s rod in public shamelessly.

    I quit the Sixers, I now quit the podcast. I can’t support bad ownership, and I can’t support sellouts of any kind. I can support trying to make a podcast into something, and perhaps even become a media legend after years of effort. But when you sell yourself, sell your soul, forsake anyone and everyone near him (Levin, to his credit, was adamant in his arguments which were indirectly aimed at Eskin, but probably didn’t have time to collect his thoughts and realize what a spineless sellout Eskin has become), you will lose the people around you who matter and gain all the losers you don’t like.

    Remember this: This is the podcast where you sold your soul, and this is the exact moment the podcast will become a chore rather than fun for you. It’s all down from here, and its of your own doing.

    You guys should take a lesson from your hero Bill Simmons, when you’re a homer– you’re just a homer, but if you can rise above your own sophmoric childlike attachment to a single entity such as the Sixers in spite of awful morally bankrupt spinless ownership, then you can REALLY achieve greatness. Bill Simmons may be a homer, but he’s an acceptable one bc he’s rises above his own city on a national level. The RTRS will be a loser, just like the Sixers will be a loser, bc it’s more about talking about themselves and patting themselves on the back rather than having any kind of backbone, mission statement or overall honor.

    The RTRS is no longer, I can’t listen to people who have no underlying soul– it’s too much like homer-ing for Joe Paterno after he allowed kids to be molested simply to keep his own reputation spotless. Joe Paterno’s statue was rightly taken down, and so should the RTRS. Do the right thing Spike, rename your podcast “Sixers podcast”. Because that’s what you’ve chosen to become. (mic dropped, like you guys should have done)

    • Spike Eskin


      U mad bro??

  • w

    please help me out with a nickname…skal lastayear for his career length, or skal labradoodle for the way he plays

    • w

      it sounds like larrytate has a case of the mondays

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