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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Picking Up The Pieces In Process & Sixers Land

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What a week it’s been for The Process. It’s pretty funny that our group is seen as small, but “The Process” and its proponents seem to have captured the ongoing narrative for an NBA team for the better part of three years.

In any case, this episode was recorded “live,” as Mike says, when in really means “when we’re both in the same room.” We discuss our feelings on the week, a few days later, the home court finale, which we both attended, the Josh Harris presser, the upcoming Lottery Party, and the future of the team and the podcast.

In case you were wondering, the Lottery Party is STILL ON, and will now be more massive than ever. All information by clicking the image below.

Lottery Party In PostThere are now TWO t-shirts. The original, and the Hinkie shirt, using a quote from his 13-page letter. They are both available for pickup at the party to avoid shipping charges. Please note, if choosing the shipping option, they will not ship until 5/1.

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  • Nick C.

    Thanks for the work guys. I personally think Hinkie leaked the letter himself. I think the letter helps remind us of his personality and what he continuously stated. I follow the Sixers news closely and before Silver’s involvement, I don’t recall hearing anything about Hinkie treating GMs or Agents poorly or otherwise showing an inability to work with others in a way that brought about the best possible benefit for his and ownership’s Process. I think the relationship aspect is the only excuse that cannot simply be disproven, so they went with that. And yet, where is the proof? No leak? No prior rumors the last couple years? We are talking about Agents putting their relationship with Hinkie ahead of what is best for their clients once the Sixers are ready to move forward? “just Business,” is not allowed? There were no inherent personality problemd suggested before Silver. Not like Jerry eluded to. Is the issue no free jobs given to mid-level players to ingratiate himself with Agents? Is that code for “relationship building.” Are GMs mad that Hinkie squeezed everything he could out of them? Would they have an issue with a GM trying to build through the draft and not needing their assistance right now? That he doesn’t need them? Or perhaps Hinkie’s biggest flaw was protecting his interests like a lawyer and not being buddy buddy with them. No, none of that makes any sense to me either. Not to this level. And yet it is the lack of relationships and relationship building that triggered the “re-organization,” that BB recently said had been going on the last few months.” Naturally, the intelligent, humble, and well-written GM would not have the ability to build these relationships once we needed to move forward and were ready to spend the big buxks. Certainly he would not be capable of learning these relationship techniques. Why fix the alleged lack of people skills through mentorship from Jerry when we can go the co-GM route? Or was it, demote him unofficially? None of it seems logical to me either. Was there ever any conflict hinted at that could lead to a forced change at the top of the front office? The only conflict that does is the one with the league. And then they couldn’t get the draft rules changed. Then the NBPA couldn’t get him(the team) on their complaint over violating the spirit of the CBA. Looks like Silver’s recommendation of Jerry helped the league solve its problem. It’s a sad day when the only explanation you can’t punch holes through, is a secret railroading by the league that effectively required the maestro out of his position of power.

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