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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Farewell To The Process, Sam Hinkie Leaves Sixers

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Not much to say here.

There will still be a Lottery Party, which will be Sam Hinkie Appreciation Night.

We will look to add Sam’s name to the shirt.

Thanks for listening to our podcast. You guys are the best.

Lottery Party InfoThe t-shirts are done. Buy one.

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  • Levent Güçer

    Hey guys, long time listener from Turkey. I wanted to comment on Liberty Ballers, but I guess it takes a day to be approved as a member so I’ll post it here. I love you both, especially Mike feels like a long lost brother to me, and I wanted to thank you both for the ride. I hope you continue (even though I probably wouldn’t), you’re more thoughtful and smart than %90 of the big shot media guys out there. It’s a sad day, and you made it a little bit more bearable. Stay strong.

    • Michael K.

      Couldn’t agree more Levent. One of the most frustrating things is just how dumb most people are out there, especially the so called “experts.” As a lifelong, diehard Sixers fan this is the worst feeling by far that I’ve experienced as a fan.

  • Michael K.

    I think we should transition from an era of “Trust the Process” to “The House That Hinkie Buil” Thoughts?

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