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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Future Sixer, D’Angelo Russell, Odds The Sixers Win Again & Lottery Party Shirts

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It’s sort of perfect that the scandal (?) involving D’Angelo Russell, also involves Swaggy P. This has Sixers written all over it.

We discuss the always-was-going-to-happen Okafor for Russell trade, the recent reports about Sam Hinkie’s future with the team, the odds the Sixers win again this season, Nerlens Noel’s sadness, and basically an hour of Elton Brand and Carl Landry talk.

The Lottery Party Shirt is available! Thanks the the amazing folks at Cheesesteaktees and Mercantile 13. The theme this year is “Surviving The Process.”

It features ALL of the Sixers on the back. All of them. Every Sixer involved in the Hinkie era. They were all part of this, and we talked about every one of them like they were important. We made it through these three years, this Summer Of Sam is the payoff, and these guys are the symbol. On the front is full fledged RTRS and Liberty Ballers.

There are a bunch of errors on the image below because Spike is an idiot  but everything will be fixed for printing time.

What better way to stay cool during the SUMMER OF SAM than with this sweet t-shirt? There’s no better way.

The shirt is $15 if you want to pick it up at the party, and $20 if you want it delivered (just pick it up). It’s more expensive this  year because a) it’s two sided, and b) if we’re going to do this many, it takes more man hours which becomes more valuable. GET IT BY CLICKING HERE.


When: May 17th, 6pm-10pm

Where: XFinity Live, Philadelphia

How Much: Free (Parking Free With This Ticket)

Ages: All

The 2016 Lottery Party will be at XFinity Live in South Philly. It will be Tuesday, May 17th, from 6pm until 10pm. It will be free to get inside. It will benefit (in part) The Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley, and RAINN. There will be giveaways, including a big one from our very own LL Pavorsky Jewelers (as well as 250 smaller ones!). T-shirt info by the end of the month.

They said we won’t run out of space at this place, but let’s try.

RTRS Parking Ticket

The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast is always brought to you by the amazing LL Pavorsky Jewelers. 28 years in business!

LL Pavorsky is located at 707 Walnut St. in Philadelphia, online at, on the phone at 215-627-2252 or just hit Lee up on Twitter @LLPavorsky. Tell him you’re a Truster, he’s one of us. For every show, Lee makes a generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley and RAINN.

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