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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Ricky Night At The Sixers Wrap-Up, Bad Defense And Down The Stretch Malaise

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Deadspin said we have Stockholm Syndrome, Max Rappaport got like a thousand retweets, we confused other fans and most of the beat writers, and a bunch of Process Trusters refused to chant “Let’s Go Sixers” on the big screen, to the confusion of one Christian Crosby. It was a successful RTRS Night at The Center.

We wrap up the evening’s highlights, talk about the (probably fake) Dennis Schroeder trade, and try to figure out why the Sixers stink so bad again.

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  • rice&beans


    the right side of history

    enjoy our sixeers and hope for the best

    hinkie the league pass and this podcast is all i need (maybe also nerlens noel)

    much love from paris

  • Paul Nuzzi

    Is it better to try to get Okafor and Nerlens to fit together, or to play them separately and show they are both really good individually. I feel like 30 minutes of Nerlens trying to fit next to Jah produces 30 minutes of average stats(lately) and in the end, reduces his value and makes it a bit harder to negotiate with him for a contract down the road. (Agent says.. he’s a 20/10/3 guy if you would just play him at center all the time….. but you don’t… but that is what he should get paid.)
    Also, I’d love to hear you guys talk about whether playing Jah at the 4 defensively might give him another reason to get out of dodge when he gets the chance. We saw Gregg Monroe do it. I can’t imagine Jah would ever be happy settling for being a defensive 4 as his career position unless he is actually winning rings doing it. Just IMO.
    Trust the process! Love the podcast!

  • Matt

    can a process truster get a photo cred shoutout???

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