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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Sixers Season Preview And Brooklyn Bus Trip



We’re through another Sixersy off-season, and are fired up for another Sixersy actual-season.

We do predictions, over-unders, briefly discuss the stupid Sports Illustrated article, and much, much more.


The RTRS Bus Trip is REAL! Reserve your seat now from Phans Of Philly for the March 15th trip to Brooklyn. This will sell out (we’re halfway there now), and WILL be a great time. It’s $109 a person, and includes a lot of stuff. For ALL information and to reserve your seat NOW, GO TO THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. 

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Finally, props to Jeff Berest of Today’s Fast Break for the below “Cult Of Hinkie” flowchart. We are a special breed, and this is the flowchart that explains just how special. The article that Jeff wrote about being a ‘believer’ (for lack of a better word), is good, and called Going Clear – Hinkieology And The Prison of Belief. Check it out!


  • das411

    playing the full jigsaw music = epic every time

  • mcourtne

    “Do you think it’s going to be a good season?” nice. People need stop getting injured though. I love listening to the RTRSP. You should know, I’m skewing your listener demographic as a 56 year old. I’d go on your bus trip but I’d feel like everyone’s dad. I still might do it for the t-shirt. I’ve attached a pic of a sculpture I made in China this summer made of Chinese basket balls cast in clay creating a giant string of Buddhist beads. We are trying to get the CBA to buy it. No luck so far. I was in north central China. The Internet was so bad I couldn’t listen to the pod cast all summer.

    • Spike Eskin

      I do love your Chinese basketball art but I don’t think I can afford it.

      For what it’s worth, the age range for the ricky is pretty wide, and I’m 39 myself. Come on the trip!

      • mcourtne

        I will definitely think about going on the bus trip. Here’s a pic of us playing basketball with our Chinese ceramics students. Sports diplomacy.

  • Chris Coyle

    Lol I can’t get enough of seeing this everywhere! #trusttheprocess

    • Spike Eskin

      we did it!

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