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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Sixers Schedule Breakdown & Bone Grafts

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We break down the Sixers schedule, game by game, Joel Embiid will finally have surgery, discuss Sean O’Connor’s Liberty Ballers Sixers Trade Value series, make up possible trades to kill the time until October, and take some Twitter questions.

By the way, the Ricky isn’t going anywhere. We promise.

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  • James Thomas

    Agree 100% Canaan is a very poor PG, I think Hinkie saw an opportunity to dump McDaniels & his impending salary issues & swapped him for a guy who was drafted in the same spot one year earlier so from a P.R. stand point it was a passable trade combined w/ the company line that losing MCW left them a PG down… It was all a smoke screen & I LOVE it! b/c we got a Lottery pick for a below average pg (MCW) & McDaniel is just “a guy” there is NO way we can have a player of McDaniel’s V. limited value earning $$$Millions more than Noel, Embiid, Okafor & Saric… So dumping McDaniels was a GREAT idea.. More proof that Hinkie is always a step ahead of the competition whereas Doug Collins was Always a step behind…

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