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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Live From The Sixers Lottery Party


Who’d have guessed, two years ago when we started The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast would be doing a live version, that barely anyone could hear, in a packed Buffalo Wild Wings, in front of hundreds… (deep breath through nose) AND HUNDREDS of the pod’s supporters? No one would have guessed that. You’d be a moron to have guessed that.

But it happened, and it sounds, well, it sounds like it sounds. It’s a funny listen. You hear people boo Doug Collins and Howard Eskin. You hear people chant “asshole” at Andrew Sharp. And you hear Mike and I sort of try to do a show, and then eventually give up.

We showed up to Ricky, and chew bubblegum, and we were all out of bubblegum.

Next time, we’ll be more prepared. We didn’t expect so many people. We’ll bring bigger speakers. But for now, this is a fun listen if you were there and want to bask in the memory, or didn’t make it because you were stuck outside because we filled up the place, like this guy.

Thanks again for coming. You guys and gals are awesome.

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  • Sweenz7

    Gosh golly gee that guy in the picture with Andrew Sharp is HANDSOME!

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