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Rights To Ricky Sanchez | Liberty Ballers Lottery Party At Buffalo Wild Wings




Last year, we had this stupid idea to have a big party for the NBA Lottery  and invite everyone. And lots of you showed up.

So we’re doing it again, and it’s going to be EVEN BETTER. I don’t know what that means, but you should be there. Before I get to the nitty gritty, here are the details:

WHERE: Buffalo Wild Wings, 9701 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia PA 19114 (directions)

DATE: May 19th, 2015

TIME: 6pm till whenever

T-SHIRTS: You can buy the t-shirts from CHEESESTEAKTEES at THIS LOCATION.




I don’t know where to start. Let’s just start here.

First, the place, it’s at Buffalo Wild Wings in the great northeast. It is ALL AGES. There is LOTS OF PARKING. There is BEER and OTHER ALCOHOL and mad SNACKS. You can eat all the snacks you can handle.

You can eat WINGS or BONELESS WINGS, or FLATBREADS or maybe some friggin’ NACHOS. Or perhaps some PULLED PORK SLAMMERS.

They will have some sweet food and drink specials for us.

Most importantly, they are happy to have us, and they will have a million loud TVs on the lottery so we can cheer when the Sixers steal the Lakers pick and we can boo when they show Doug Collins.



Lottery Party Shirt 2015 Mockup Web 2

These shirts are amazing but are no longer for sale for party pickup.

If you are out of town:


CHEESESTEAKTEES has a bunch of other sweet shirts, like this Nerlens one or this Chuck one or this AI one.

You may be asking, WHO DESIGNED THIS FRIGGIN AMAZING SHIRT?! Well that is amazing artist Kevin Lennertz. He is an amazing artist and alumni of University Of The Arts, and he volunteered his services. Look at HINKIE! You can see all of Kevin’s really amazing art at his WEBSITE. Also, please follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinLennertz. 

Kevin is the best, please hire him!




We will have more to add, but we’re starting off BIG. Thanks to our friends at Sports Authority (thanks Marty), we’ve got some SWEET Sixers Throwback Starter satin jackets to give away. You’re going to come into the party looking like a SCHLUB and will leave looking friggin’ FLY in your Lottery Party t-shirt and Starter satin jacket from Sports Authority.



Let’s be together for this. It was really fun last year, and it will be fun again.

Trust The Process. Join Our Cult. Fuck Andrew Sharp.

  • RC5000

    Jacket is super girly not super “fly” which isn’t a thing anymore haha. Terrible unless your lady is a big fan.

  • Somekat

    Too bad, I work 2nd shift. Would love to stop by, and not too far from me. Even if i am sure the Sixers are going to get screwed and wind up with only 1 pick…#5. Nobody will jump the Heat, so we won’t get that pick, and LA will be one of the teams to jump us, so we won’t get that either

    My dream scenario has the Sixers getting #1, the Nuggets get #2 (Jumping LA and pushing them to 5), the Suns get #2 (Jumping LA and pushing them to 6 and the pick to Philly, and jumping the Heat and also pushing us that pick at 11). Trade the #1 pick to the Suns for #3, their 1st next year unprotected, and their 2018 first. Draft Russell 3, Winslow 6, and whoever is left out of Oubre/Johnson/Turner Looney at 11. Or, dangle #11 and Noel to the Suns or Wolves for their top 5 pick. Then take Townes 1, Russell (or Mudiay, but we’ll go with Russell to make it simpler) with that pick, and Winslow at 6. Which would give a core of Townes/Embiid/Russell/Winslow. I like the first scenario better, but if they think Townes/Embiid would be a better pair then Noel/Embiid, I could see the 2nd….not that i expect it to happen. I expect the first paragraph

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