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Join Us For Our Final Walk Through The Granite Run Mall On April 11th


photo credit Christina Wagner Photography


Date: Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Time: Meet at 4pm

Place: Granite Run Mall (meet at entrance next to Sears, Baltimore Pike side, pictured below)

Meet Here

** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** The former manager of The Wall, the long haired, shorter guy who worked there every day, every hour, for what seemed like forever, contacted me via email to tell me he’d attend. He’s also going to bring a stack of those little blue stickers that make your CD guaranteed for life. If you know me, you’d know I’ve been talking about this guy for 15 years, and to get an email from him is like getting an email from Bigfoot. It’s amazing. I’m thrilled. It makes it all worth it.

DELCO, this one’s for you.

These recent photos of the Granite Run Mall (from Christina Wagner, who will be walking with us!) alerted me that my long threatened final walk through, and podcast from the mall needs to happen soon. So it is!

So I confirmed it with Delco legend Fantasource, and we’re going to take one final walk through the Granite Run Mall, and we want you to come along. I’ll bring along some stuff to record, and maybe get everyone’s memories of the mall as we walk, and then podcast the entire thing. My wife said she’d come too, indicating she either really loves the mall, or I’ve totally broken her will.

The mall was a huge part of my teenage years (AS I OUTLINED HERE), so this is important to me, in some perverse way.

So, what are we going to do? We will.

* Walk through the mall.

* Talk about the different stores that were there.

* Pour out a 40 in the parking lot for the mall.

* Finally, go to Riddle Ale House for the final meal.

That’s it. Pretty stupid, I know.

Here’s all the info:

Date: Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Time: Meet at 4pm

Place: Granite Run Mall

*this is in no way supported, endorsed, or associated with the Granite Run Mall or its owners. but we’re not going to cause any trouble.*

  • Wayne430

    I’ll be there!

  • Cdk104

    Aladdin’s Castle stop?

  • Brandy Wine

    Can we dance at Be Bop Cafe?

  • Sean M

    Too bad my kids have little league games! This sounds great!

  • Joanie

    Bain’s Deli, Swear I ate there every Sunday for several years. I lived in DelCo and would meet my parents from Chester Co. We would shop the mall and have lunch at Bain’s. Best Tuna on Rye ever!

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