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HINKIE Shirts At The Liberty Ballers / Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party

Hinkie Shirt Lead

Cheesesteaktees came up BIG on this one.

We needed an exclusive t-shirt, available only at the Liberty Ballers / Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party, and Cheesesteak tees came up huge. The first 75 people who come to the party are going to get this shirt. THE HINKIE SHIRT.

Now, we all know Cheesesteak Tees right? You’ve walked into the South St store, and been all like “I want every shirt in this place.” Well you should go buy all their shirts in the store (506 South Street), or buy all their shirts at their site. 

You can follow them on Twitter @CheesesteakTees.

Even Nerlens Noel gets his “I Hate Sidney Crosby” shirts at Cheesesteak Tees.

Look at the special Lottery Party shirt. You see it. It says HINKIE in giant letters, and commemorates the first (last?) Liberty Ballers & Rights To Ricky Sanchez lottery party.


Remember, the party is at May 20th at Miller’s Philly Ale House, 9495 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114. It starts at 7pm, and we gonna party till the sun comes up.

No bitching if you don’t get one. We don’t guarantee anything. We also have some sweet official Sixers gear to give away too.


Hinkie Shirt

Thank goodness Mike Levin won’t be there (pictured below):


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