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#3 And #10… Sounds Good: Thank You


The fellas at Liberty Ballers (who are all outstanding, except of course for Mike, whose parents I like better than him), will have a more comprehensive recap, but I just wanted to make sure I said thank you.

None of us were sure anyone was going to come to last night’s LB/RTRS party at Miller’s. As it turned out, a lot of you did. I mean, so many people that I’m not sure we could have fit more people into that room.

It is not lost on me how amazing that is. For a Sixers podcast and a blog alone to have that sort of support means a lot to me, and to everyone who was associated with that last night. We’re all doing this because we love basketball, and love talking about it. That’s it. It’s a real thrill and a pleasure to find out you enjoy what we do.

Last night was one of the most unique, exciting, rewarding sports experiences of my life. Thanks for being a part of it. #3 and #10 will suit us just fine.

Thank you to the fine folks (YO TOM!) at Cheesesteak Tees who made the Hinkie shirts for us. For the next month, use offer code SPIKE15 on their site or in person for 15% off their stuff.

Thanks to Rocco and Miller’s for making sure we had 1000 TVs to watch, and 1000 zingers to eat.

Thanks to everyone at the Sixers for giving us some giveaways, and being so supportive.

Thanks to Young Pep Dash.

Thanks to Sam Hinkie for being a boss. We don’t care how many interviews you give (of course as long as you’re giving one to us).

Thanks to my wonderful girl Val who insisted on coming for some insane reason.



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