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Beat Me In Daily Fantasy Hoops On Draft Street

After a few years of playing it, I finally feel like I have some idea of what I’m doing in weekly fantasy basketball.

The natural progression is trying daily fantasy basketball, which I found out, is a different animal all together.

In any case, the fine folks over at Draft Street were all like, “hey play over here, we will make it fun and give people a bonus if they beat you!” And I was all like, “but I’m terrible, are you sure you want to do that?” They were all like, “sure, we’ll give it a try!”

Here’s the deal, play tomorrow’s (Wednesday) $50,000 NBA Big Score. The top prize gets $10,000, and there is $50,000 total in prizes. The entries are capped at 2,500.

The roster at the bottom of this post is what won on 2/12. The top 300 people win at least SOMETHING.

I will be playing. My team name is SpikeEskin (creative!). If you beat me in that contest, Draft Street will throw you an extra $5 into your account. Also, a special this week is they will match your first deposit up to $200 (so if you put $50 into your account, they will throw in a bonus $50).

So to recap:

1. Sign up at (USE THE LINK BELOW!) and make a deposit

2. Join the $22 entry $50,000 fantasy NBA league

3. Draft your favorite NBA players from that Wednesday’s games

4. Place in the top 300 for a share in the $50K


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