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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Trade Me, Oh Trade Me


Screw it all. Right to hell.

Mike and I were recording the podcast (it was great), and at the 38 minute mark, the computer froze, and we lost it all.

We barely had time to redo it, so it’s a *very* short RTRS. We cover a lot, very quickly. We owe you an extra long one (LOL!) next week.

We also discuss this HOT TAKE:

One thing we didn’t have time to do was play the whole song that was submitted to us. It’s called “Trade Me, Oh Trade Me (Thad’s Song),” sung to the tune of “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me,” from the Inside Llewyn Davis sound track. It’s hilarious, and was submitted by Steven Merkel. So I’ve embedded the song in this post. Thanks Steve! You’re the best.

Sorry again, technology is the worst.

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