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Video: Meet Mike, Who Thinks He’s Kurt Cobain

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We got a lot of letters at WYSP.

They ranged from prison mail (they loved Rockers and Eagles Cheerleaders calendars), to compliments, to berating us for playing the wrong (or same) songs. We only got one like the one we got from Mike Sell though.

Mike sent us a copy of his book, which he called either “Rock And Roll Nirvana” or “The Second Coming Of Kurt Cobain,” depending on which section you picked up. He wanted us to read it, and included his name, cell phone number, and address in case we wanted to get in contact with him.

“I am Mike Sell dreaming I am Kurt Cobain and I am Kurt Cobain dreaming I am Mike Sell,” he writes in the book. “Speaking as Kurt, I don’t have very many memories of my past life or of how I died. I pretty much have the same memories as Mike does.”


20131009_132333Of course, my immediate reaction was what you’d imagine it was. “Haha, this guy is nuts.” The more Tommy (@TommyAvallone)and I spoke about it though, the more I thought it was interesting. The more I wanted it, on some level, to be true. I was a big Kurt Cobain fan, and I knew intellectually that Mike Sell is not Kurt Cobain. But I will readily admit I don’t claim to have any answer about the afterlife. I hoped, for some reason, that if we spoke to Mike, he would somehow convince us that some part of what he said was true.


So we called him, and he came to see us. I spoke to Mike for about a half hour, and we recorded it. He seemed happy to do it, but very nervous. His father, who drove him to us, seemed sort of bothered by the entire experience, but polite enough.

Here’s the video:

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