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Time’s Yours Podcast: Chip Kelly’s Undoing (Or Is It Tebow Time?)

Time's Yours


Spike and Lee discuss why in the world Michael Vick was playing, Chip Kelly’s questionable decisions, Vick sitting on the bench, and how long it will be until Eagles fans demand Jon Gruden.

Also, the return of Chris Johnson!

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  • Chipper

    Wow, Dumber and Dumbest got a podcast. LOL. Duh, Duh and more Duh. What a pathetic attempt at a podcast. You guys know so much about nothing it amazes me. Wrong, wrong and just a little more of wrong in case you weren’t wrong enough. OMG…now your talkin about Foles….i got to shut this guys are idiots…time to hang up your headsets cause you guys are clueless. Okay you already stole 20 mins from me and you have lost the entire audience. Um done and good luck at your next job.

    • Chip the Ripper

      Fuck yourself

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