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Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast: Arbitrary Deadlines And Selective Endpoints

Rights To Ricky

In what’s being called “the best Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast yet,” Spike and Mike talk about Spike’s fight with the WIP Morning Show, and more importantly what the fans and media want in sports now. It leads to a discussion about selective endpoints and arbitrary deadlines.

We also talk a little bit about Nerlens Noel’s hair and the Sixers coaching search. Just a little.

For reference, this is the article that caused the big fight: THE ARTICLE

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  • James Simpson

    Feed works with newly downloaded android podcast aggregator.
    NOW I’ll actually listen to this thing. Still expecting big things, gentleman.

    • Spike Eskin

      Which one you using? I use Downcast.

      • James Simpson

        Was having problems with the stock Google Listen app (for this and other feeds).
        Switched to BeyondPod, and it’s working fine.
        Feel like I needed to listen to your spot with Angelo and Rhea for full context, but still enjoyable. Line in the sand, dude.
        Hope y’all stick with it as the season approaches.

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