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Please Help My Friend Nicole And Her Dad Jack


Nicole is eight years-old. She’s a fun little girl who also seems to like me. Don’t old that against her.

In June, she has to have pretty serious surgery on her legs, that will keep both legs casted up to her hip for the entire summer. As you can imagine, an eight year-old who can’t move her legs for an entire summer is going to be a lot of work.

Nicole’s dad is Jack. Jack is a single father, and also a good dude. Jack is going to have some trouble this summer because he can’t afford to take off a couple of months from work.

So some friends are getting together to try and raise some money for both Nicole and Jack, to cover some medical expenses as well as nurse to take care of Nicole while Jack has to work.

Nicole’s dealt with a lot in her eight years, including Down’s Syndrome, and other problems with her legs. Through it all, she’s got a great attitude and keeps laughing. This would be a great way to make a tough summer a little easier on Nicole and her dad.

So click the link for more information, and donate whatever you can.

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