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CSN Philly’s Marshall Harris Is A Big Fantasy Sports Loser

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I’ve never seen someone talk more trash in fantasy basketball than Marshall Harris of Comcast Sportsnet.

I mean seriously, there are barely 100 people in the world who enjoy fantasy basketball (I’m one of them), so talking trash in fantasy hoops is not like fantasy football.

Anyway, we had a fun little league this year, and Marshall smugged his way through the year. Once shouting down a league member on Twitter while espousing his fantasy basketball skill and use of the waiver wire.

There were only four teams of the 12 in our league who made the playoffs, and I met Marshall in the first round. It was a two week playoff matchup, so there are no flukes.

I’m happy to say I defeated Marshall in six of nine categories, and he lost. Even though he said no fantasy team with Kevin Durant and Chris Paul could lose, they lost.

Marshall even tried a sort of lame-o move in the last day of our matchup, dropping two of his most important players (George Hill and Evan Turner), for players who happened to be playing Sunday to help save his season.

Eat it, Harris.


Predictably, Marshall says he lost because he “wasn’t playing all his guys.”

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