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Your Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs, Big Charlie’s Shirts

While Eagles fans grew tired of Big Red several years ago, Kansas City Chiefs fans are by and large, very happy to have him.

Nothing makes Reid look better than Romeo Crennel.

In any case, my friends over at Big Charlie’s in South Philly and Philly Screen have a brand new Reid-centric Chiefs shirt available that I figured I’d share with you. The shirt was designed by Joseph Pekula, you can find out more about him HERE.

You can buy them at the BIG CHARLIE’S ONLINE STORE.

While you’re at it, visit the fine folks at Big Charlie’s Saloon at 11th and McKean (right near Snyder). You don’t have to be a Chiefs fan. The beer is cheap and the people are nice. That’s not their official motto, it’s just the truth.

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