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The Saddest Text Message Conversation About Music Ever


Limp Bizkit is playing the TLA on May 1st, and I’m way too excited about it.

I like a lot of good music, and I like a lot of bad music too, and this certainly I guess fits into the second category.

Though in retrospect Limp Bizkit was very silly, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I didn’t like those songs, or they didn’t sell millions (and millions) of records.

Limp Bizkit always put on a good show, and they haven’t played Philadelphia, if memory serves, since the Electric Factory in November of 2003.

There’s some humor and irony in the fact that this show is a “93.3 WMMR Presents” show, in that WMMR’s rallying cry for years was that they did not play rap-rock, and even went so far as to not play Everlast’s “What It’s Like” because Everlast used to be in House Of Pain (really), because of it. But times change so whatever.

Anyway, here is a very sad conversation I had with my friend Jeff last night via text. I am obviously the blue. The context is that I was worried tickets would be expensive. I was WORRIED that the LIMP BIZKIT TICKETS would be TOO EXPENSIVE. What a clown I am.

There are four screenshots.




  • N3M3S1S357

    I can’t hate you for this. We all have our lapses in bad music taste. Now if you admitted to loving One Direction or something.. We’d have a problem.

    • spikeeskin

      I feel like you’re trapping me. I really loved that first One Direction album. I’m sorry.

      • N3M3S1S357

        Son, I am disappoint.

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