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Coming Wednesday Night, The Made-Up Trade Hour

Von Hayes

One of the things that sports-talk radio is famous for is the made up trade. From hosts and callers alike.

Sometimes it’s fodder for discussion from the host. Even if it’s not possible, the “would you trade X Philly athlete for X New York athlete,” makes for an interesting topic on a rainy day.

Sometimes it’s a caller who doesn’t value the Philadelphia player enough to want to keep him, but somehow it’s enough to get a star player in return. This is usually the “package deal.” “Let’s package Blanton, Dom Brown, and some minor leaguers for Prince Fielder.”

This Wednesday night on WIP I will try to pay tribute to the made-up trade, with the “Made Up Trade Hour.” From midnight until 1am, I will field calls with a prospective trade in any of the four major professional sports (hockey, baseball, basketball, football). I’m not disrespecting MLS, I just would not be able to judge whether it’s a good trade or not.

Prize (so far): Tickets to see Temple vs. VCU, Sunday at noon. Temple will honor the great 87-88 team at halftime. Also, a Jrue Holiday bobblehead doll. Maybe something else if I’m feeling frisky.

Hope to hear your package deal.


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