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Beware Of Ebay, Nike Ripoffs

So I was on Ebay one day, and I did a search for Nike Ballistic Force, as I sometimes do. As far as I know they’re the shoes that John Starks was wearing during The Dunk, and I’ve always wanted I pair.

The photo of the shoes, looked like this:

Nikes Picture

Pretty sweet I thought. Not the same color as theĀ  black Starks shoes, but whatever. But what kind of condition were they in? Well the description said this:

Nike DescriptionSeems reasonable. So I won the auction (cool!), and I got the shoes.

I brought the shoes to work one day. I didn’t wear them outside, as I don’t tend to do with the basketball shoes I like. I brought them to work in a backpack. Then, when I got to work, I put them on. I felt one of the soles fall off on my walk to the soda machine. I felt the other sole fall off on the way back. After less than five minutes of use, the shoes looked like this:

20130226_151918(1) 20130226_151927 20130226_151914


So I send the guy a message, and he basically responds with “not my problem buddy, you ruined them.”

So I fill out a complaint with Ebay, they side with the seller saying basically, that they weren’t in the condition I bought them in. This is sort of the point, right?

Then I file an appeal, and I lose that too.

So whatever, I’m annoyed but whatever. And then, then the seller finds me on Twitter, and he says this:

Nike Tweets

So he’s admitting they were garbage. With a winky face no less.

I called Ebay, and they were apologetic, and were basically like “we’ll look into it.” Told me they didn’t need his Twitter information.

Long story short:

His Ebay username is mazeratee, and his profile can be found HERE.

His Twitter username is @Based_Yahweh.

And EBay doesn’t quite care. Be careful who you buy from!

**Update: I closed up my Ebay account because really, who needs it? And our buddy deleted his tweets. I’ve got his email address too if you want it.**

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